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The Fishes category is one of the four main categories of the Itempedia, the other categories being Harvestables, Monster Drops, and Feathers.

Fishing Vendors

In order for the player to obtain fishes, they must find a fishing vendor that will provide fishing rods to the players. The recommended vendors in the Frontier are Luhr and Martin the Carp. Luhr is a fishing vendor located at Topple Lake in Topple Town, specifically located behind a building that provides small fishing docks. Players can interact with Luhr in order to purchase the basic and cheaper fishing rods, as well as other stylish accessories that relate to the subjects of water and fishing. On the other hand, Martin the Carp is a fishing vendor located at Rubble Spring, specifically at his cottage near the spring. Players can interact with Martin the Carp in order to purchase the enhanced and expensive fishing rods, that allow the players to have an increased chance to reel in fishes at a faster rate.

Common Knowledge of Fishing

Once the player obtains a fishing rod, they may head to any bodies of water, and later on, lava pools and other fluid-like pools. The players must click on a fishable area of their chosen body of water and wait until the fishing bobber creates a bobbing splash effect, showing the players that a fish had been caught and must be reeled in immediately. The fish they had reeled in will be revealed to the players after successfully reeling in the fishes, showing the fish's appearance, as well as any sound effects that apply to it. Depending on the sound effect, some fishes will have simple sound effects meaning the players got something common or uncommon. Other fishes will have complex sound effects meaning the players got something rare or pricy. For example, a simple sound effect of receiving a common/uncommon fish will simply have no sound effects at all or a faint ringing-like sound effect. For a complex sound effect of receiving a pricy or rare fish, the sound effect will either be followed by a clap, cheer and so forth. Players can overfish, where their inventory is full, but the other fishes they received will be dropped under the player's legs, however, other players cannot see these drops, which prevents other players from obtaining their loots.

Fishing Areas

There are a variety of fishable areas that players can head to. This will mainly give you a brief summary of each fishable area, which may or may not benefits the players in order to reel in other fishes the players have not obtained. They are mainly areas with a body of water, especially seas, rivers, lakes, ponds, oceans, streams, springs, and so forth. Other fishable areas include the fountain, wells, lava and magma pools, and other fluid-like pools if there is one that allows players to fish in. Keep in mind that some of these names are not official and acts as "placeholders" in order to identify a specific location of a major fishable area. Here is the list of fishable areas:

Artificial Bodies of Water


  • Coral Bay - The coastlines of Coral Bay and its bay.
  • Frigid Coastline - The nickname of the unofficial coastline that does not belong to The Long Coast nor Pebble Bay. Refers to the puddles under the cliffsides of Frigid Waste and the ocean that borders Frigid Waste (PvP).
  • Matumada - Refers to any coastlines that borders the island of Matumada.
  • Pebble Bay - The coastlines of Pebble Bay and its bay.
  • Starry Point - The coastlines of Starry Point; separate from Pebble Bay and The Far Coast.
  • The Far Coast - The coastlines of The Far Coast. Also includes the territorial pools of water (sand bridge) of the former location of Coral Giant.
  • The Long Coast - The coastlines of The Long Coast.




  • Rubble Riverstreams - Refers to all of the rivers and streams that stretches from the waterfall of Topple Lake, Rubble Spring, Petrified Grassland, Hoodlum Falls, and The Far Coast.

Fish vs Fishes

Due to some comments arguing about how it is supposed to be Fish and not Fishes, we will explain why this article is referred Fishes and not Fish. We are aware that the plural of fish is usually fish, but the word 'fishes' have a few uses. In biology, fishes are used to refer to multiple species of fish.

For example, if someone said they saw five fish while scuba-diving, that means that person has seen five individual fish, but if we were to say that someone saw five fishes while scuba-diving, that means we would have to infer that the person saw an undetermined number of fish of five different species.

How Do Temporary Stats Work?

As its name implies, temporary stats are given stats provided by some fishes via consumption that can benefit the players for a short period of time, typically ranging from 15 seconds to 2 minutes. Some temporary stats can be stacked on top of each other, while others cannot be stacked until the effect wears off.

List of Known Fishes

Common Gupper.png
Heavyhead Fish.png
Lake Gooble.png
Bulbus Fish.png
Blackrock Skimmerfish.png
Odd Green Shrimp.png
Coldwater Shrimp.png
Frozen Lake Gooble.png
Algae Worm.png
Sand Slime.png
Rock Carp.png
Odd Blue Shrimp.png
Magma Worm.png
Glow Friend.png
Red Clapper.png
Bread Mold.png
Odd Yellow Shrimp.png
Stone Slime.png
Bignose Angler.png
Sniffer Fish.png
Lagoonneck Fish.png
Fish of Rage.png
Ocean Platycricket.png
Ore Dragonfish.png
Ghost Clapper.png
Blue Ogrefish.png
Cyclops Shockjaw.png
Dragon Shrimp.png
Garnoth Fish.png
Goliath Algae Worm.png
Ancient Magma Fish.png
Mystery Slime Island.png
Golden Ticketfish.png
Imposter Ogrefish.png
Enemy Reefdweller.png
Baltimore Worm.png
Riverlord Fish.png
Overgrown Divider.png
Topshelf Dragonfish.png
Centennial Catfish.png
The Immortal Crustacean.png
Serpent of the Deep.png
King of the Sea.png
The Fish That Traveled Through Time.png
Emperor Whale.png

Treasure Chests

Treasure Chests acts similar to the Dungeon Rewards Chest and can give players various rewards depending on the tier it is classified as. Some treasure chests will reward lesser-valued items, while others will reward items that are sought after by some parts of the community. They will be listed below:

Name Preview Description Location(s) Source(s) Price(s) Selling Price
Treasure Chest
Treasure Chest.png
"A treasure chest hauled up from the deep. What could be inside?" Anywhere 10,000
Grand Treasure Chest
Grand Treasure Chest.png
"A grand treasure chest hauled up from the deep. What could be inside? 50,000
Deep Sea Treasure Chest
Deep Sea Treasure Chest.png
"A regal treasure chest hauled up from the deep. What rarities could be inside?"

Linkman the Junkman, Vhitmire