The Fish of Rage is one of the many fishes that can be acquired in the Frontier. The Fish of Rage can be found in several bodies of waters that include the following:


The Fish of Rage is an ugly-looking fish with scales, fins, and tail of various red hues. It possesses a pair of fierce, orange eyes, thick eyebrows, a stubbed nose, and a set of grinding jaws.

The Fish of Rage cannot be used in any shapes or forms, however, it can be consumed by the players in order to restore 100 HP back to their health pools. In addition, players will also receive 50 additional points to all damage-types, increasing the amount of damage inflicted on opponents while using any weapons temporarily for 16 seconds. Other than that, it can be sold to a selling vendor at a selling price of 5,000 gold.


  • It was introduced during the 1.10 (Fishing) Update.
  • The temporary effect given by the fish cannot be stacked.
  • Its whole color scheme represents its hostility to others.
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