The Firm Farmer is one of the many inhabitants of Farm Fortress. He can be found near the building near the road leading into Greenhorn Grove.

Unlike other Farmers, it has a unique title that sets it apart from other Farmers, although they are practically in the same classification, a farmer.

Firm Famer is one of the many inhabitants of the safe haven, Farm Fortress. He is specifically found near the building near Greenhorn Grove, where the Yellow Farmer can also be found at. Unlike other Farmers that can be found in Farm Fortress, the Firm Farmer is different from the others by not wearing a blue farmer's attire and has an adjective in front of its name, which is firm.

List of Dialogues

"My advice? Stop talking, and enjoy that cool breeze."


  • The Firm Farmer enjoys breezes.
  • The Firm Farmer doesn't appear to be very social.
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