The Firefly Stones is a miscellaneous collectible that can be found and acquired in the Frontier. They are typically used during the Firefly Quest in exchange for various rewards that vary, that depends on the number of fireflies that are being exchanged.

There are supposedly no limits for its stack capacity and it remains as one of the few items that can stack on other items that are identical to itself.

List of Methods

There are many ways to acquire the Firefly Stones. The first way is by finding Fireflies that can be seen throughout the lands of the Frontier, often flying about above the ground and in the skies. Other methods of obtaining Firefly Stones include but are not limited to:


  • The Firefly Stones were introduced during the Otherworld Update.
  • Firefly Stones can be collected from monsters other than the Fireflies themselves, thus sometimes making its description false.
  • Like some items in-game, it possesses colors that resemble the main colors of Fantastic Frontier; red, blue, and yellow.
  • Firefly Stones is one of the few items that sell for 0 gold.
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