The Firefly, also known as Fireflies, are wandering insects that can be found throughout the Frontier, being found in numerous locations of the Frontier, flying about in random directions. Since the arrival of the Spring Update, Fireflies can also be found on the island of Matumada. The Fireflies are described to flicker with the main colors of the Frontier; red, blue, and yellow. It also leaves a small white trail while it is active.

To interact with the Fireflies, the players must touch them. After touching the Firefly, the insect will disappear and the Firefly Stones will be collected, appearing in the inventory of the player.

Fireflies are currently viewed as collectibles, as well as a type of 'currency' used to exchange rewards from Stick while partaking in the Firefly Quest. Stick is known as a traveling entity that will randomly appear in various locations of the Frontier, accepting fireflies in exchange for random rewards for a specific amount of traded fireflies.


  • Fireflies will not be lost upon death, similar to how Bullets, Pellets, Crossbow Bolts, and gold aren't lost upon death.
  • Any active fireflies that aren't caught by any players in the server will despawn during nighttime, allowing new fleeting fireflies to flourish the various locations of the Frontier.
  • They are commonly seen in The Pits, Twinkling Meadow, Blackrock Mountain and Farm Fortress
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