The Fife Flower is a relatively rare harvestable that can be found in the Frontier, most commonly seen in small bunches in A Frontier of Dragons and Celestial Field. They may also be found individually or in pairs in other areas of the Frontier, as well as the Nightmare, that includes the following:

The Fife Flower may also be obtained as a possible drop from Ghosts, floating heads that roams the nights of the Frontier.


The Fife Flower is a bizarre flora possessing a black stem, white petals, and a glowing, white pistil at its center. Its appearance is often mixed up with the Pearl Flower, as both of them possesses white petals.


The Fife Flower is only harvested to fill in an entry of a player's Itempedia. It is not used in any recipes nor is it needed by any task-givers. Players may sell the Fife Flower to a selling vendor at a sell price of 5,900 gold.


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