Feathers are dropped by birds upon shooting them. Their color schemes vary between bird and rarity. As per usual, they can be used as a way to make gold. All are needed for Collectus.

List of known feather types

Image Name Selling Price Dropped by Location of Bird Description
Frester Feather 100
Topple Town, Topple Hill "This ratty looking feather won't fetch much of a price. Frester birds are simply a pest."
Looter's Bird Feather 200
File:Looter bird.png
Topple Town, Greenhorn Grove "A feather from a Looter's Bird. The Looter's Bird got its name from tales of large flocks raiding kitchens left open overnight."
Brown Feather 250
File:Brown bird.png
Greenhorn Grove, Topple Town "A dark brown feather with a mysterious aura."
Black Feather 400 Topple Town, Town of Right and Wrong, Greenhorn Grove, A Frontier of Dragons, Celestial Field "A feather from a black bird."
Potatobird Feather 400
File:Potato bird.png
Ancient Forest, Farm Fortress, Abandoned Orchard "The feather of the simple but hardy Potatobird."
Beachbird Feather 500 The Far Coast, Ancient Forest "A coarse sandy looking feather. Beachbirds love fun in the sun, and have a diet of any fish they can find."
Gull Feather 500
Coastlines "A simple feather of the Gull. Birds like the Gull never seem to get much attention."
Fallbird Feather
Fallbird Feather 850
File:Fall Bird.png
Hoodlum Falls, The Quiet Field "The feather of a Fallbird. The pleasant autumn color of the Fallbird helps it blend in with its surroundings."
Greenal Feather 875 Wilderness "The feather of a Greenal bird. Its green aura fills your bag."
Cloud Feather
Cloud Feather 1,000
File:Cloud Bird.png
Petrified Grassland, Great Pine Forest, Farm Fortress "A cloud feather, often considered bad luck as a symbol of the grey rainclouds they were thought to bring."
Rednal Feather 1,000
Screenshot 4
The Rolling Road, The Town of Right and Wrong "A feather from a Rednal. Beautiful and vibrant, the rednal's feathers are considered a symbol of high fashion by some."
Bluenal Feather 1,200
Bluenal Bird
The Maze Wood, Frigid Waste, Topple Town, A Frontier of Dragons "The feather of a Bluenal bird. The blue color seems to fetch a higher price than the Greenal or Rednal feathers."
Dust Raptor Feather 1,200
Dust Raptor
Farm Fortress, Greenhorn Grove, Topple Town, Hoodlum Falls "The dust raptor's extra long feathers sweep the ground wherever it goes collecting dirt and debris, giving the bird its brown color."
Linter Feather 1,800
Linter Bird
The Pits, Great Pine Forest "The feather of a Linter. These birds fill the air with fluff and lint as they fly."
Blackrock Feather 2,000
File:Blackrock bird.png
Blackrock Mountain, Topple Town, A Frontier of Dragons "The dark feather of a Blackrock bird."
Gelilbird Feather 3,000
Frigid Waste "The feather of a Gelidbird. Cold temperatures seem to attract these jolly, partly made of snow, birds."
Applebird Feather 3,200
File:Apple Bird.png
Abandoned Orchard, Town of Right and Wrong "The sweet smelling feather of the Applebird. Applebirds love to balance apples on their head, but how they manage to fly around with sticks of fruit remains unknown to scholars."
Clownbird Feather 3,500 Great Pine Forest, The Pits, Rubble Spring "A feather of the Clownbird. Clownbirds are known for their humor, but who's laughing now?"
Preobird Feather 4,000
Preo bird
Petrified Grassland "A ragged feather of a Preobird. Call upon the meteor! The Preobird has found its way!"
Laurel Bird Feather 4,200 The Pits "The feather of the Laurel. These interesting birds are named after their unique crowned feathers."
Red Dragonbird Feather 5,000 The Pits, Town of Right and Wrong "Despite the scales of the Red Dragonbird, this feather seems light and fluffy."
Weatherbird Feather 5,000
File:Weather Bird.png
Blackrock Mountain, Hoodlum Falls, The Far Coast "This fluffy feather seems infused with sparks and moisture."
Polewatcher Feather 6,000
File:Polewatcher bird.png
Petrified Grassland, The Far Coast "The plain feather of the Polewatcher. Hardly as visually stunning as the strange Polewatcher itself."
Spirit Bird Feather 7,500
Spirit Bird
Blackrock Mountain, A Frontier of Dragons, The Maze Wood "The proud feather of a Spirit bird. The strange markings of the Spirit bird represent something long forgotten."
Kooma Feather
Kooma Feather 10,000
File:Kooma birb.png
The Pits, Blackrock Mountain "The vibrant feather of a rare Kooma bird."
Black Dragonbird Feather
Black Dragonbird Feather 18,000
File:Black dragon bird.png
A Frontier of Dragons, Blackrock Mountain, The Maze Wood "The Black Dragonbirds have been said to live on Blackrock Mountain for centuries in a single lifetime."
Moneybird Feather
Moneybird Feather 50,000
File:Money bird.png
The Maze Wood, The Pits "A rare golden Moneybird feather. A single feather is said to bring great wealth and luck to an individual."
Keemal Feather
Keemal Feather 100,000 A Frontier of Dragons, The Maze Wood, Blackrock Mountain "Keemals have an intelligence far above that of the average human. What have you done?"
Glowbird Feather
Glow Feather 200,000 The Pits, The Maze Wood, The Far Coast "The feather of the Goomi Glow bird. Even this singular feather still glows quietly."
Forgotten Feather 1,000,000
The Forgotten Lands, Blackrock Mountain, Celestial Field, Celestial Peak, Town of Right and Wrong, A Frontier of Dragons "None can quite recall the name of the strange bird that drops this feather."

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