Farm Fortress is an area where you are able to buy food items and serves as a safe haven to players during night in the game. It is Northwest of Topple Town. It's home to a variety of NPCs and the location of where players can start the Farm Fortress Defense Quest.
If the player enters the large main building's door, image can be found to the upper right corner, they will find a food vendor named Fronand Frobeet'zo who sells a variety of food items. These food items are Pepperoni for 200 gold, Carrot Juice for 500 gold, Beet'zo for 600 gold, Eggplant for 1400 gold, and Giant's Corn for 2000 gold. If you were to go to the house further away from the large main building, you may enter it to find Awoken Croc Carl that also sells food items like the Asparagus Slug.
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It's advised to stock up on food here before going out into the Frontier because there will be those moments where you can't find anything to consume, unless you could careless about food items.

It's noted that Scarecrows, Ghosts, Robo-Hoppers, and Grey Rabbits are possible creatures that may wander in this particular area.

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