Farm fortress is an area where you are able to buy food items and serves as a safe haven to players during night in the game. It is Northwest of Topple Town.

Also, Ghosts spawn here constantly during the night and it's hard to dodge so stay inside if needed!

In the daytime, Scarecrows will spawn as well, they have low health and high damage so be careful!

Go inside of the only door there and you will find a food vendor named Fronand Frobeet'zo with some good items such as: Pepperoni for 200g, Carrot juice for 500g, Beet'zo for 600g, Eggplant for 1400g, And Giant Corn for 2000g.
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It is advised to stock up on food here before going out into the world because there will be times when you can't find anything to eat.

Note: Northeast of here is Blackrock Mountain.

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