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Two-Eyed Monstrosity|npcs = Awoken Croc Carl
Two-Eyed Monstrosity
Walker|npcs = Awoken Croc Carl
Blue Farmer
Blue Farmer

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Farm Fortress is a medium-sized area that can be found in the Frontier. As its name implies, it is a farm that acts as a military stronghold to fortify their town from mobs of the Frontier. The 'safe haven' borders several areas that include but not limited to:

There are two landmarks of importance that can be found in the zone:

  1. Carl's Delicacies - Carl's Delicacies, also known as the Awoken Croc Carl's Inn, is a small inn that can be found further inland, closest to the borders of Blackrock Mountain. Unlike other inns, players are unable to rest in the inn, preventing them from regaining health. This building is only visited if the players were trying to find the Red Farmer or to purchase consumables from Awoken Croc Carl.
  2. Frobeet'zo Selects - Frobeet'zo Selects, commonly referred as Fronand Frobeet'zo's Building, is the large garrison that can be found near the field of crops. Players can enter the building in order to interact with Fronand Frobeet'zo in order to purchase various consumables that they can use in their adventures or interact with the Blue Farmer to continue the objectives of the Farm Fortress Defense Quest.

Overall, Farm Fortress is a place where players can participate in a variety of activities, specifically the Farm Fortress Defense Quest that can be given to the players once they interact with Granny Fields in Farm Fortress near Fronand Frobeet'zo's Building (Frobeet'zo Selects) They may also slay any mobs that can be found intruding the fortress, as well as purchasing consumables from vendors in the zone.


  • Some of the most common mobs that spawn in the zone are Scarecrows, Robo-Hoppers, Ghosts, and Grey Rabbits.
  • It is the only town that cannot be classified as a sanctuary as mobs are often seen overruning the zone.
  • Players often visit the area to begin the chain of quests known as the Farm Fortress Defense Quest.
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