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Farm Fortress is a large area that can be found in the Frontier. It's a place where players may purchase consumables and serves as a safe haven for some players during the nighttime. It's home to many inhabitants and this is the location where players may interact with Granny Fields to start the Farm Fortress Defense Quest.

If the player wants to interact with the NPC, Fronand Frobeet'zo, they will need to enter the large main building's door, the one with the windmill. Inside the main building is two NPCs, one is Fronand Frobeet'zo and the other one being Blue Farmer, who is part of the Farm Fortress Defense Quest. Fronand Frobeet'zo sells a variety of food items which includes the following: Pepperoni, Carrot Juice, Beet'zo, Eggplant, and Giant's Corn. If the player wants to interact with the NPC, Awoken Croc Carl, they will need to head further down Farm Fortress and they should be able to find the small building near Blackrock Mountain. If entered, the player can interact with Awoken Croc Carl that also sells food items like the Asparagus Slug.

The players have the option to stock up on food items at Farm Fortress before continuing with their adventures in the Frontier. These can serve as quick HP regain when battling with mobs. It's noted that Scarecrows and Robo-Hoppers can be found here commonly. During the nighttime, Grey Rabbits and Ghosts can spawn.

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