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Farm Fortress is a small stronghold found off the coastlines of Pebble Bay. It borders Blackrock Mountain and The Forgotten Lands to the north, Twinkling Meadow to the east, and Greenhorn Grove to the west.

It encompasses what would've been the western portion of Twinkling Meadow and hosts various farmlands that stretches across the meadows. Most of its buildings are located within proximity of each other where the windmill may be found at, however, there are two buildings outside of this group (Carl's Deliacies and Firm Farmer's home).

The large building with the windmill in front of it is where Fronand Frobeet'zo operates his business, Frobeet'zo Selects, inside the building. The interior of the building is rather bizarre, as doors are randomly slapped onto walls in different directions and angles. It is also littered with crates, containers, and other junks, and Boomba Mushrooms may appear on wooden supports and floorboards on occasions.

Where the warehouse is located at is two sets of 2x2 garden plots that can be used by the players in order to cultivate their own plants, or raise their salamander eggs. The first set is not enclosed by fences and is available to the players right off the bat whereas the second set is enclosed by fences and can only be unlocked after completing Granny Fields' task.

Outside of the main building are several market stalls, however, all of which had went into bankruptcy because of Fronand's appearance in the farming community. Around the stalls and buildings are large plots of farmland cultivating what appears to be wheat and an unidentified green plant crop. Hay bales and small trees are also scattered along the paths.

Further inland along the borders of Blackrock Mountain is where Carl's Delicacies is found at, within a small building. Around it is a medium-sized shed, a dug-up hole presumably dug by one of the Farmers, and a wooden balcony.


Birds found in the Farm Fortress include Cloudbird, Dust Raptor, Frester, Laurel Bird, Potatobird, and the Rednal.


Harvestables that can be found in the area include Boomba Mushroom, Gorbacabbage, Pearl Flower, Portabato Mushroom, Rozier Flower, Spurtle Mushroom, and the Yellow Balloon Mushroom.


Mobs that can be found in the area include Blackrock Giant, Blue Lantern, Blueman, Blueman's Chieftain, Cellery, Esteemed Gumbo, Forest Guardian, Ghost, Golden Spore Mole, Grey Rabbit, Jester, Lava Munsk, Little Ant, Magma Knight, Mushroom Head, Otherworldly Dollhunter, Otherworldly Knight, Pine Giant, Ratboy, Ratdog, Red Croc Man, Robo-Hopper, Scarecrow, Shellmouth, Two-Eyed Monstrosity, and lastly the Walker.


Farm Fortress is one of the more densely populated areas in the Frontier the NPCs living there include, Awoken Croc Carl, Blue Farmer, Farmers, Farmer Guards, Firm Farmer, Fronand Frobeet'zo, Goons, Granny Fields, Interdimensional Traveler, Red Farmer, Strangeman, and Yellow Farmer.



  • It is the only town within the Frontier that does not have an airship service. Every other sanctuary (Topple Town, The Town of Right and Wrong, and the Blue Ogre Camp) provides an airship service.
  • Since the release of the Ratboy's Nightmare Update, it is one of the few places in the Frontier possessing an interactable garden plot.