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The Fantastic Tophat, also known as the Fantastic Top Hat, is an end-game collectible that is rewarded to players that completed all four sections of the Itempedia; Harvestables, Feathers, Fishes, and Monster Drops.

In order to be rewarded the Fantastic Tophat, the players must either climb the tall pillar of terrain in Greenhorn Grove where Collectus is located at or they can venture to Rubble Spring and jump into the pitch-black hole marked with a death sign, taking them to Collectus.

From there, players will interact with Collectus to be rewarded with the end-game collectible, the Fantastic Tophat. Once the players acquired it, the Fantastic Tophat can be placed on the head of the player, serving as a way to brag about their accomplishments regarding the Itempedia.

Overall, the Fantastic Tophat is there for its appealing design, however, the large hitbox may obscure the player's vision.


  • The Fantastic Tophat can be seen on the magic head of Mr.58, although it is completely blue.
  • The Fantastic Tophat leaves a colorful trail of the Frontier's main colors as the players move around.
  • A common misconception about the Fantastic Tophat and similar large items is that they would increase the size of the player's hitbox when visible, which was later found to not be accurate.
  • In the Fantastic Frontier's Discord server, the first person who acquired the Fantastic Tophat was Phillip713, second known user to obtain the Tophat being RoksTheWolf.