The Fantastic Ratboy is a misc equipment that can be obtained by collecting all of the Rat Tokens in the Nightmare. It is one of the many collectibles that are needed by the players in order to complete the entries of the Itempedia of the Nightmare.


In appearance, it is a miniature Ratboy figure, though it is not as large as some players might expect it to be by hearing the name itself. It is the same size as the Blue Ogre Shoulder Buddy. The skin of the Fantastic Ratboy is of a neon grey, whilst its clothing appears to be made of gray marbles of various hues. The Fantastic Ratboy appears to be cheering, as the players needed to have collected all of the Rat Tokens, clearing out the Nightmare thus saving the Ratboy. The Fantastic Ratboy also features a particle emitter, possessing the colors of the Frontier; red, blue, and yellow, which then swirl around the figurine.

The Fantastic Ratboy is simply an item used for vanity. Other than that, it does not provide any benefits whatsoever, other than to be a happy companion for adventurers who have completed the Rat Token Quest.


  • Due to multiple complaints about the difficulty of locating every single Rat Token, a (temporary) 15 Rat Token buffer has been added. This means the player does not need to collect 'All' of the Rat Tokens. They just need to have 15 Rat Tokens remaining or less, to receive the Fantastic Ratboy.
  • As of 5/14/2020, the Fantastic Ratboy can now be obtained from the Pig, although there is a cooldown for obtaining it. (Players can have it returned, but must wait a certain amount of time until they can get it again. It is unknown how long this cooldown is.)


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