The Fantastic Croc Shoulder Friend is a back accessory that can be worn by the player's avatar in Roblox. It cannot be worn in Fantastic Frontier, however, it can be worn outside of Fantastic Frontier in other games available and published on Roblox. It is also noted that it is a replica of the Croc Man, a hostile mob found in Fantastic Frontier.

The only way to obtain this item is redeeming it via a code from a purchased Roblox toy, specifically the ones provided at the end of this article.

The Fantastic Croc Shoulder Friend was first mentioned/seen through a Roblox toy fair video. The toy fair was a place where it served as an early preview of upcoming toys that were going to be seen in stores later on in the year 2018.

An exclusive item that can only be obtained through a code from a Roblox toy. It cannot be sold nor can it be purchased through any means, with the exception of purchasing a Roblox toy in order to acquire this accessory.



  • Original sources goes back to user Cap'n JadeFlames on Twitter, with some of the uploaded images being posted in his tweets. The original link can be seen at the very top of his tweet in early 2018.
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