The Eyes of the Sword is a back equipment that can be obtained in the Frontier. It can be purchased from Arbewhy in The Town of Right and Wrong at a price of 750,000 gold or from Linkman the Junkman, at a cheaper price of 700,000 gold. Other methods of acquiring the Eyes of the Sword include the following:


As its description implies, it is a foreign set of stones (supposedly from the Otherworld Dimension and/or the Funky Drifting Land) that were made in the shape of wings. Other than that, not much can be said about its overall appearance.

When equipped, the player will receive 35 melee damage points for any melee weapons, increasing the number of damage inflicted on opponents while using melee weapons.


  • The Eyes of the Sword is the first back equipment in-game that provides additional melee damage points.


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