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The Eyeball of Reckoning Ultradagger is one of the many weapons that can be obtained on the island of Matumada. Unlike its counterparts, the Eyeball of Reckoning Ultradagger cannot be obtained from the Construct, and must instead be given as a reward from Giant Toad's Tasks. Like the Silver Crystal Ultradagger, it takes damage bonuses equally from both Magic and Melee. The are no alternative methods of acquiring the Eyeball of Reckoning Ultradagger outside of its main source.


The Eyeball of Reckoning Ultradagger is a dagger made with a grey handle, with 2 separate appendages sticking out of either side. One of the appendages has a pink cube hanging from it. The dagger has 2 blades instead of the typical 1, both colored with an intimidating red hue.

When equipped, the Eyeball of Reckoning Ultradagger will consume 1.55 stamina points per swing. The delay between the swings lasts approximately 1 second or less, making it known for its swiftness, as shared with other daggers in-game.

Special Ability

The special ability of the Eyeball of Reckoning Ultradagger is titled "Eyeball of Reckoning", which, upon activation, will cause the player to leap in the air and bring the dagger down on an opponent while a guitar riff plays. Upon successfully colliding with an enemy, the dagger will deal 675 damage to it, and a red eye symbol will be placed over the enemy for 30 seconds. While the eye is active, the enemy will have their armor reduced by 13 points, resulting in 8.775% decrease in their defense. In practice, this means that you would do 110.9% your previous damage output if the enemy previously had 0 defense, and goes up the higher the defense the enemy has, up to 440.8% your previous output against an enemy with 115 defense such as the Racing Clown. The cooldown of the special ability lasts for 18 seconds before it can be used again.

If the special attack is used again on an enemy that already has the eye symbol on them, the armor reduction will not stack. It will not extend the amount of time the debuff is on that enemy, as the symbol will still fade after the 30 seconds have passed. Also, the special ability has no effect on a player's defense when used in PvP.


  • It was introduced in the Spring Update.
  • It is the counterpart of the Silver Crystal Ultradagger and the Void Spike Ultradagger.
  • The Eyeball of Reckoning Ultradagger is the first weapon in the game to reduce an opponent's armor.
  • The special attack "Eyeball of Reckoning" uses the same animation as Zodsword's Blessed Dive.