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  • Alias: Eyeball Pete, Petition Pete

Eyeball Pete shares similar appearances to that of a Tall Bear, except it appears to be a foreign extraterrestrial being with green skin, pants, and one yellow eye. It makes an appearance on the 20th floor of the Otherworld Tower, Petition Pete, serving as the 4th boss out of the 10 bosses that the players will defeat as they progress through the dungeon.


There are two attacks that Eyeball Pete can perform:

  • Body Slam - Turns around and attempts to body slam the players.
  • Gradual Punch - Gradually increases the number of its punches, enabling it to move faster towards its target, as well as moving towards the player's current position.

Drop Rates

The drop rates of every single collectible that can be acquired from the Eyeball Pete. Any claims of "missing items" that the Eyeball Pete could drop will be cast aside as false information.


The simplest way to deal with Eyeball Pete is to lure it off the platform with the help of flight equipment and/or the Mushroom Parasol.

Some players may be interested in the food dropped by Eyeball Pete, but they are required to fight it with standard tactics instead of luring it off if they wish to have extra food. Using the "Head Baiter" method is crucial to avoiding dangerous attacks from this mob.


  • It was introduced in the Otherworld Update.
  • It is considered to be one of the easiest bosses in the Otherworld Tower dungeon simply because the players can lure the boss off the platform.
  • It is the 4th out of the 10 bosses that the players will encounter in the Otherworld Tower dungeon.
  • It bears a small resemblance to the Bulbus Fish.