The Extinction Bank is a miscellaneous item considered to be an exceedingly rare drop from creatures of the Frontier. It can be acquired from various sources that include the following:


In appearance, the Extinction Bank appears to be an odd-looking creature, with its head being found at the end of the purple 'plate'. It appears to have a glowing purple nose and four eyes. Its body looks similar to the parts seen on Strangeman and acts as the main support of the collectible.

It can be sold at a selling price of 5,000,000 gold after the players had interacted with Big Box or Little Chelli. It does not have any usages that would benefit the player, other than for profit.


  • The Extinction Bank was thought to be a monster drop way before the release of the Otherworld Update since it does not appear in any sections of the Itempedia as of the Ratboy's Nightmare Update.
  • If a player finds the Extinction Bank and successfully sells it, they can potentially skip a portion of the game.
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