The Entrepreneurial Gnome is a gnome that can be found in the Gnome Magic School at Topple Town. His role in the Frontier is to act as a dealer, offering an item that will be worth the gold.

While inspecting the gnome's appearance, it appears that the Gnome is wearing Shades, a red pointy hat like most gnomes of the Frontier, a golden suit top, white suit pants, and fancy shoes. Next to the gnome appears to be a briefcase.

If the players do manage to obtain at least 50 million gold, they are now able to strike a deal with the gnome. In exchange for 50 million gold, the players can get their hands on the Gnome Rocket Launcher.

List of Dialogues

  1. "What are you rambling about?"
    • "Well hey, yeah, look I don't want to - I don't want to label you as something you're not - but if you WERE that kind of person. . . A real high roller type of person. . ."
    • "I'd be the person you'd want to talk to, yeah? Catch my drift?
  2. "That's right."
    • "Hahaha~ I knew my hunch was right, always is, right? Yeah, ha~"
    • "(#)g huh?"
      • You'll be either taken to whatever the minimum gold that the gnome wants or taken to the part where you don't meet the requirements of the 'deal'.
      • Incomplete Requirements: (<25,000mil g.)
        • "Look, I mean, you're getting there. . . But - but I am big business - big BIG business, yeah? It's not a personal thing I am just a very busy guy, you see?"
        • "Keep at it, yeah? Come back, show me something that really lets me know you're worth my time. And I promise, yeah I do - I'll make it worth your gold."
      • Complete Requirements: (>25,000mil g.)
        • "Truly inspiring - I mean, look, we're cool now, yeah?"
        • "You stop by any time, good buddy - I'd be happy to parlay."
        • "And - Oh, hey, humor me for a moment? I hope I'm not pushing any boundaries here, but say - Did you make your fortune right or did you bend the rules to - to get there?"
        • At this point you will be given three options: 'Legitimate', 'I bend the rules', and 'A bit of both'.
        • Legitimate: "Of course! Not that I thought otherwise! No no! Of course not!"
  3. "Leave"


  • The Entrepreneurial Gnome was introduced during the Ratboy's Nightmare Update.
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