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=== Trivia ===
=== Trivia ===
* The Entrepreneurial Gnome was introduced during the Ratboy's Nightmare Update.
* The Entrepreneurial Gnome was introduced during the Ratboy's Nightmare Update.
* Alongside [[Lawrence the Cleaner]] the Entrepreneurial Gnome is one of the NPC's of whom the player can befriend. 
[[Category:Ratboy's Nightmare Update]]
[[Category:Ratboy's Nightmare Update]]

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Summary Edit

The Entrepreneurial Gnome is a gnome that can be found in the Gnome Magic School at Topple Town. His role in the Frontier is to act as a dealer, offering an item that will be worth the gold.

While inspecting the gnome's appearance, it appears that the Gnome is wearing Shades, a red pointy hat like most gnomes of the Frontier, a golden suit top, white suit pants, and fancy shoes. Next to the gnome appears to be a briefcase.

If the players do manage to obtain at least 50 million gold, they are now able to strike a deal with the gnome. In exchange for 50 million gold, the players can get their hands on the Gnome Rocket Launcher.

List of Dialogues Edit

Requirements Edit

  1. "What are you rambling about?"
    • "Well hey, yeah, look I don't want to - I don't want to label you as something you're not - but if you WERE that kind of person. . . A real high roller type of person. . ."
    • "I'd be the person you'd want to talk to, yeah? Catch my drift?
  2. "That's right."
    • "Hahaha~ I knew my hunch was right, always is, right? Yeah, ha~"
    • "(#)g huh?"
      • You'll be either taken to whatever the minimum gold that the gnome wants or taken to the part where you don't meet the requirements of the 'deal'.
      • Incomplete Requirements: (<25mil g.)
        • "Look, I mean, you're getting there. . . But - but I am big business - big BIG business, yeah? It's not a personal thing I am just a very busy guy, you see?"
        • "Keep at it, yeah? Come back, show me something that really lets me know you're worth my time. And I promise, yeah I do - I'll make it worth your gold."
      • Complete Requirements: (>25mil g.)
        • "Truly inspiring - I mean, look, we're cool now, yeah?"
        • "You stop by any time, good buddy - I'd be happy to parlay."
        • "And - Oh, hey, humor me for a moment? I hope I'm not pushing any boundaries here, but say - Did you make your fortune right or did you bend the rules to - to get there?"
          1. "I am legitimate."
            • "Of course! Not that I thought otherwise! no no! Of course not!"
          2. "I bend the rules."
            • "Haha~ I could tell. Yep, I knew it all along! But - but who doesn't right? Ha~ it'll be our little secret!"
          3. "A little bit of both."
            • "Honesty! Now that I value - I really value that! The road goes where the road goes, yeah?"
  3. "Leave"

Default Edit

  • "Hey good buddy!"
  • "Let me show you what I've got, yeah?"

Trivia Edit

  • The Entrepreneurial Gnome was introduced during the Ratboy's Nightmare Update.
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