The Enlightened Croc Waiter is one of the three employees that can be seen in The Deli, at The Mansion. His role in The Deli is to be a waiter, a person that takes the customers' orders. In appearance, the Enlightened Croc Waiter is a wearing a full attire of the Black Suit; Top and Pants. Other noticeable features of its appearance are the black and red-striped hat, black shoes, and black eyes.

List of Dialogues

  • "Ah yes! Very good. You've come to dine!"
  • "We will - Yes of course - Choose your meal for you."
  • "Are you in a hurry or would you like something more special?"
    1. "Short wait"
      1. "Very good!"
      2. "Your meal is ready! Thank you for waiting!"
    2. "Long wait"
      1. "Fantastic!"
      2. "Your meal is ready! Thank you for waiting!"


  • The Enlightened Croc Waiter can only be interacted with during the AFK minigame of The Deli.
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