The Emos Mushroom is one of the many harvestables that can be found on the island of Matumada. They are typically found in large bulks on the fields of Matumada and the Upper Island of Matumada and rarely appear by itself or in pairs.


The Emos Mushroom appears to be a collection of bizarre-looking mushrooms with white and beige stems. Its "caps" resembles that of smiley and sad faces. Besides that, not much can be said about its appearance.

It is possible for players to exchange Emos Mushrooms for rewards while searching for items to complete Giant Toad's Tasks if the task card is currently active. Other than that, it can be sold to a selling vendor at a selling price of 1,750 gold.


  • It was introduced in the Spring Update.
  • Emos Mushrooms can be stacked on top of other Emos Mushrooms.
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