The Egg Snatcher Pile refers to the three piles of scattered eggshells found throughout Greenhorn Grove. One was located on a hill overlooking the small mines, one was located under a tree near the trenches and ditches of the grove, and one was located near Red Ant Cove's borders.

These piles created by the Egg Snatcher was interacted with to inform the players that they were close to the Egg Snatcher that may spawn near the pile at one of the three spots. Besides that, it does not have any relevant purposes to anything else in-game and as such, was removed once the Egg Hunt ended.

List of Dialogues

  • "Scattered Easter egg shells lie in the dug up dirt - the Egg Snatcher must have been here!"
  • "It seems like the shells have been sitting here for a while..."
  • "The Egg Snatcher has likely moved on by now."


  • All three piles were removed from the game, along with the Sad/Happy Rabbit and the Egg Snatcher after Roblox Egg Hunt of 2019 ended.
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