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The Otherworld Tower is a dangerous place, with many challenges that can overwhelm even the most experienced of players. However, with enough knowledge, you should be able to overcome these challenges and emerge victorious.


The dungeon run is no easy feat! If you have just begun the game, you are nowhere near prepared to face down the Otherworld Tower. It is recommended to have mid-tier gear (though not required) if you wish to have a profitable dungeon run. Dungeon runs become profitable at floors 30 and above (at midgame standards or higher).

Recommended stat levels are 70+ defense and 200+ attack if you wish to complete the entire dungeon.

Dungeon runs can be done with a team, or you can take it solo. The health of all mobs that spawn in the dungeon increases proportionately depending on your team size, so the difficulty of a dungeon run varies depending on the size of your team, rather than on your playstyle.


Using melee or similar short ranged weapons can have some chances of flinging your character out of the map, causing the player to get disconnected or lose a heart. Floors 28, 31, 38, 42 and 48 are notorious for fling the character out of bounds. For this reason, users of melee weapons must exercise caution in the Tower. If the player is kicked in such an instant, they'll usually get a button in the start menu allowing them to return their tower session and continue from the floor they were flung from, but the tower session will be solo and they won't be able to join the same server as their allies.


Here is some equipment recognized to be particularly effective in the tower:

Mushroom Parasol - used to easily navigate the arena, or lead mobs off platforms.

Darktoad Spellbook/Rusted Coin Scythe/Nature's Wrath Spellbook/Consumables - allows you to regain health.

Greater Storms Spellbook/Salamander - great for close-ranged combat and high dps(damage per second), which the dungeon is built around.

Blade of the Throne/The Jade Twin/Staff of Dreams - Can deal with multiple enemies at once, using its Caster Form ability.

Wings - can prevent one from falling to their death when falling off a platform.

Minion - always used with wings, this allows one to never be hit by close ranged mobs.

Spider Stilts - increased mobility and jump boost allows for easier flanking of mobs.

Jump Boots - a cheaper version of the Spider Stilts that provide similar buffs, except without armor. Recommended for newer players for whom it is difficult to obtain the Spider Stilts.

Green Crystal Amulet - another mobility increase that can be used with little cost to your dps. Combined with the Spider Stilts, you can outrun most of the mobs found in the tower, giving you a much easier time on some of the later floors.

Peapod Necklace - Grants further speed and agility to players, making dodging easier, especially when coupled with Spider Stilts and Jump boots, or to negate the negative movement effects of select armor pieces.


Only applicable for team-based dungeon runs, each member of a team plays a certain role, depending on your play style and team size.

  • Aggro - attracts a mob(s) for easier targeting
    • Tank (subrole) - able to absorb heavy blows from mobs
  • Support - deals damage at a distance
    • Glass Cannon - deals massive DPS

Solo Runs

Unless playing with players with similar or more better arsenal, solo runs are usually the easiest way to go through a dungeon run, as the mobs' health will not be increased from your team size.

General Procedures

Monsters generally spawn in the East (E) direction upon first entering a floor. The portal to the next floor will also generally spawn on the East upon completing a floor.

If the floor does not have a wall blocking you from falling into the void below, it could actually benefit the player against non-aerial enemies. Using the parasol, you can aggro the mobs to the edge and make them to plummet into their death, saving time and resources. Floors 16, 17, 20, and 41 can easily be beaten with this method. Be advised that against some enemies like Petition Pete, this may work against you as the foods and other items that can be obtained through beating the enemies fairly will be lost to the void. Note that while enemies in Floor 21 can easily be lured to the void, doing so is highly unadvised as a very common glitch is known to prevent players from progressing to the next level.

If possible, players can jump on top of large mobs to allow an easy way to deal damage without you taking any.

Running in a circle will actually protect you from the vast majority of attacks, but pay attention to your stamina bar, especially since attacking also uses stamina.

Floor 1: The Way It Starts

On the first floor, the player(s) will encounter an Ogre.

Walk in a circle to the right in order to dodge its moves.

Floor 2: Celery Dinner

A group of four Celleries will spawn.

Use Firesoul spellbook's meteor in the middle of the arena to quickly decimate all enemies. Melee attacks with larger swords may not hit because of their tiny hitboxes.

Floor 3: Ratdog Rumble

A group of three Ratdogs will appear.

Grouped damage is also beneficial for this floor. Jumping is helpful. These enemies have very little health.

Floor 4: Danger World

Two Dangerbats will appear. The floor is a small platform at this level, and there are no boundary walls.

Using ranged weapons is a good idea on this floor due to the flying enemies. If using melee, attempt specials or swing warily as to not fall off the edge. Let them fly down close to you if you are scared of lunging off by accident.

Floor 5: Red Ogre General

This boss floor is home to the Red Ogre General. The buffed version of Red Ogre.

Walk in a circle to the right to avoid damage. Jumping on his head does not always work.

Floor 6: We Three Bears

Two Black Bears and one Brown Bear will spawn.

Walk in a circle around them, and jump when they attack. Splash damage works fantastically here.

Floor 7: The Doll's Gambit

One Doll spawns on this floor. The floor is a small platform without boundaries.

Using a parasol, you can make them walk off the ledge, or you can just jump spam on top of them. Be careful of them simply pushing you off the edge at the very beginning of the battle.

Floor 8: Antland

This floor has three waves of ants. Each wave will bring one Red Ant and one Black Ant.

Avoid the center of the platform and use splash and grouped damage to easily slay the enemies. Kiting works as well, albeit taking more time.

Floor 9: Izziworld

An Izziworld Spitter will spawn here. This floor is an obstacle course.

If you are using a ranged weapon or spellbook, kill the Spitter before completing the parkour course. You can also parasol to the gate instead of completing the obstacle course. You can avoid the spitter's attacks by simply moving sideways on the starting block.

Floor 10: The Ghosts of Antland

This floor has three waves, each with three Ghost Ants. After the third wave, the Giant Ghost Ant will spawn.

Similar to floor 8, do not go in the middle at the start of a new wave. For the larger enemy at the last wave, jump on top of it and fire away. Stand on the end of the head, not the tail. Standing on the tail results in the turning of the enemy and possible damage to you.

Floor 11: Lost Brothers

One Shellmouth will spawn along with one Forest Guardian.

Walk in a circle around the mobs, and you will be out of harm's way. Do keep in mind, however, that they have a relatively high reach with their attacks.

Floor 12: Mole Parade

Ten Spore Moles will spawn on this floor. They will drop Pies, and more rarely Giant's Corn.

If you are able to do group (AOE) damage to the mobs, then this floor is exceedingly fast. Fire a meteor or other splash attack in the center of the platform. If not, then get them to stop moving, then hit them from a distance.

Floor 13: Monstrosity Mania

This floor is in the shape of an "8". Two Monstrosities will spawn on this floor.

You can jump on top of these enemies one at a time, and you should be fine. Try to avoid getting cornered in one of the corners of the map.

Floor 14: Fear the Genie

A Corrupted Genie spawns here.

It is very difficult to dodge his lasers. Getting close will cause him to melee attack instead, so bait this out. Back up or jump to dodge his varying swipes and use this window as an opening to attack him further. If you have high DPS, simply stand still and shoot him to death before he manages to kill you with his lasers.

Floor 15: Wolf of the Tower

Wolf of the Tower spawns at this level.

Standing on this enemy's head will prevent it from moving from its current location. Stand on the "mane" or neck so that the wolf will not turn to face you and make you fall off. Alternatively, simply run in a circle and shoot at it.

Floor 16: TOADS!

A floor with three waves. Each has five Toads, they are similar to the Dull Frog. The toads will drop Eggplants.

Always stay moving on this floor, and do not be in the middle of the platform when the next wave starts. If you wish, you can simply walk these enemies out of the arena. Constantly move towards the toads and they will run from you. Run them off the edges.

Floor 17: The Crocodile Gang

Three Croc Men appear on this floor. A Red Croc Man will spawn after they are killed. This arena is very small and has no border walls.

Using the parasol, you can make the enemies walk off the platform. If not, you can jump spam the smaller ones, then stand on the head of the big enemy that will spawn shortly after defeating the smaller ones.

Floor 18: Hammer Foes

A floor with two waves. Each wave has three Hammer Knights. They drop Asparagus Slugs.

This floor is slightly tricky. You cannot go above them, as you die very quickly. It's best to jump backwards whenever they raise their hammers. Holding spacebar may work on this floor. The simple tactic of running in circles also works to an extent.

Floor 19: Mr. Gumbo's Office

Another floor in the shape of an "8". Four Gumbo spawn here.

It is always good if you can hit multiple Gumbo at once. Otherwise, take on one at a time and walk backwards, jumping backwards whenever they jump.

Floor 20: Petition Pete

Eyeball Pete spawns on this floor. It can drop Pies, Eggplants, Plumbo Flower and Giant's Corn.

You are able to use the mushroom parasol to make him walk off the platform. Otherwise, you can just stand on his head and shoot.

Floor 21: Rough Road Ahead Rodeo

A group of 7 Rockrunners spawns here.

If you have the parasol, you can make the mobs walk off the platform. If not, group them up and deal splash damage to them if possible. Try to avoid leading the monsters off, as the monsters occasionally get stuck in the void. It is still possible to shoot them with a ranged weapon if this happens.

Floor 22: Blue and Yellow Fellows

Three waves of two Bluemen and two Yellowmen spawn here.

It is best to walk in a circle, however you have to be careful as their attacks are fairly fast. Jumping on their heads will not always work, and it is best to time your jumps to the best of your ability in order to dodge their attacks. This floor is very tricky for those with lower endurance and health. Make use of your mushroom parasol to linger in the air if you must regain stamina.

Floor 23: Izziworld II

Two Izziworld Spitters spawn on this floor. Similar to floor 09, this floor is an obstacle course as well.

Wipe out the closest mob, then proceed to kill the second one. Parasol is highly recommended for this floor, as well as a ranged weapon (magic or ranged class).

Floor 24: Two Eyeballs!

A Two-Eyed Monstrosity spawns here.

You can stand on top of the head (which is on top of the first eye) and not get hit for the most part, but there are a few occasions where it will hit you. You can also just walk in a circle around it. Bait out the head slamming attack, and if it breathes fire, hop up top and fire away.

Floor 25: The Return of Ghosts of Antland and a New King

Three Ghost Ants and an Antland King spawn here.

Walk in a circle and jump to avoid the ant and giant attacks. Try to wipe out the ants first, and after the ants are dead, stay close to the giant so that he doesn't jump. You can hop onto the giant's neck and then walk forward off of him to bait out attacks.

Floor 26: Criminal Alliance

Six Pirates in different colors and four Bandits spawn here.

If you have a group-damage special ability or a piercing attack, just group the mobs up and attack them altogether. Otherwise, wipe out the henchmen first to get rid of more targets. Leave the green ones for last as they are the tankiest.

Floor 27: No More Celery

A Guardian Snibber spawns here.

You can stand on its head and it will not hit you. Use the parasol and jump into the air to center the enemy if you must.

Floor 28: The Queensgaurd

Two Queensguards spawn here.

Walk in a circle while moving to the left, and you only have to jump when they do a swing downwards at an angle from the left. If this does not work, try standing still and they should stop when they get in range. Focus down one knight and quickly dodge these attacks. After one knight is dead, the other should be very easy.

Floor 29: Way of the Warlock

The Warlock spawns here.

The flying enemy here is similar to a ghost in the normal Frontier in its attacks, so you can keep doing damage to it by firing where it initially was, whether or not he is in that position. When it attacks, simply jump over it. You can float off the platform to beat this level at the cost of a life.

Floor 30: Totality Jack

Totality Jack spawns here.

You are able to stand on top of the boss's head to defeat it. As long as you don't jump, it will not jump. If it does its spring-arm attack, be sure to recenter yourself as you may start sliding off.

Floor 31: 18 Heads Looking at You

Two normal Walkers, two normal Forest Walkers, one Big Walker, and one Big Forest Walker spawns here.

If you have a group-damage special ability or a piercing attack, just group the mobs up and attack them altogether. Otherwise, take out the normal walkers first then the big walkers. Focus on one target at a time. When they get too close, walk backwards to dodge their attacks.

Floor 32: Thinking Time!

Two Thinkers spawn here.

If killing the Whisperer-like monsters is too difficult, you can slowly float off the platform and die causing them to follow soon after. This is a risky move since you lose a life from it, which could jeopardize future floors. You can also take them down one at a time, jumping when they poke their spears at you.

Floor 33: Strategic Benefit

Two Red Ogre Generals and one Red Ogre Strategist spawns here.

The strategy is as simple as Floor 5, group them and then circle them to the right. Piercing move such as Blade of the Throne's Caster attack can help kill multiple red ogres at the same time. Try to kill the bigger one first.

Despite appearances, the Red Ogre Strategist does not have much more health than the smaller ones.

Floor 34: Goblin Freakshow

Three Goblin Munsks spawn here.

Try to use magic or ranged attack while moving backwards. Try to focus on one of the Goblin Munsks at a time. Keep an eye on the other Munsks, as they can attack you from behind. Try to time your jump when the Munsk attacks to avoid it.

Floor 35: Zitrat Appears

Zitrat spawns here.

Method 1

Jump onto the boss's head to take it out. You want to stand on his neck/back, otherwise, he might do an overhead downwards attack that can hit you. Take a second every once in a while to reposition yourself, as you have the chance to fall off when the boss moves.

Method 2

Circle left around Zitrat, jumping whenever he swings down.

Floor 36: Remember the Dragon

A Pygmy Dragon spawns here.

You can jump on the dragon's head and it will not be able to hit you.

Floor 37: Moose Punks

A Gold Moose Punk and Silver Moose Punk spawn here.

Walk in a circle to the left, jumping only when they do a downwards swing at an angle from the left.

Floor 38: I Am Home From Work

The Employer spawns here. It attacks by spawning Office Bots, which act similarly to Magma Knights.

Method 1

You can just stand on The Employer's head, though this would prove difficult. While jumping, it may bug out once there are a large number of his minions, so be warned. You could also get flung using this method.

Method 2

If you are using Greater Storms, simply circle around the boss while holding left click. If you are overwhelmed by the smaller "minions", simply parasol at the edge of the platform and let the minions fall to their death.


A group of Dark Ghosts and Ghosts spawn on two waves.

For the ghosts, focus on the white ones first, because they have lower hitpoints and make it easier to dodge attacks.

Floor 40: The Poor Man Weeps

The Weeping Man spawns here; he can attack by spawning Weeping Turrets and dropping meteors on you. The battlefield is made of small hovering rocks.

Let the boss spawn his minion on one of the 4 corner plates, then go to the opposite side of the arena on the opposing plate. The boss cannot shoot meteors down on the outer corners of these plates, so you can just focus on jumping over and dodging the minion's bullets, and shooting the boss with a ranged weapon (magic or ranged class). While the boss can't target the outer ends of the corner plates with meteors, meteors can still be summoned on the inner portions of the plate, and their large hitboxes can still reach you from a seemingly safe position.

You can also go on a rotation between the 3 largest plates that his minion isn't on. If he does his meteor, just use the parasol to hover above the void below as he cannot spawn a meteor there. Arguably the most difficult checkpoint boss in the tower.

Floor 41: Soup

A Sprunk Mage, then a Peppermint Alien, then two Corrupted Pirates, then a Guardian Snibber, then an Otherworldly Batrider spawn in waves.

Using a parasol, you can make all the mobs fall off the platform, except for the last one, where you jump on his head as he flies up.

The player is advised to turn around after defeating the Guardian Snibber as the Batrider will spawn on the opposite end of the platform (West).

Floor 42: If There is a Limit, I Cannot Find It

7 waves of Creeps increasing in numbers in the order: 1,1,2,3,5,8,13

It's best to walk in a circle around the mobs while attempting to avoid jumping above them. Since their attack is pretty slow, you can just jump backwards to avoid being hit.

Floor 43: The Antland They Don't Tell You About: Inside the Anthill

Two Corrupted Ants and a red Corrupted Antland King spawns here.

Walk in a circle while jumping to avoid the attacks of the ants and when the giant swings at you.

Floor 44: The Kingsgaurd

Three Kingsguards spawn here.

This floor, although much later, is essentially The Queensguard with one more mob.

Lead all the knights into a straight line, then continue walking backwards so that you would only have to deal with the attacks of the mob in front of you.

You can also walk in a circle while moving to the left, jumping only when they do a swing downwards at an angle from the left.

Floor 45: These Rat Hands Hold Back Reality!

Kingrat spawns here. It has a massive HP pool.

Like the early boss stages, Kingrat will not summon any minions, nor will attack from afar. He only has two attacks, a simple lunge and a slash. Kingrat is also incredibly slow, making him easy to dodge. However, Kingrat excels in two categories: Damage and health.

Kingrat will deal a lot of damage to you if it manages to get a hit on you. It also has a large pool of health (100k) making it extremely tanky. If you manage to keep it at a range and not get hit, this stage will be easy for you. Ranged items like magic or guns are recommended for this level. Try not to use specials or attacks that will slow you down enough for Kingrat to get near you, and try to avoid using melee weapons, as it is too risky.

Ranged and Magic users can simply jump on the boss's head to completely avoid damage. Simply jump into the air while holding a Mushroom Parasol and the boss will center itself.

Floor 46: They Live in the Same House

A wave with an Otherworldly Dollhunter, another one with a Maleficent Jester, the third one with a Malevolent Doll, then all 3 monsters together. Watch out for the Malevolent Doll, as it tends to bounce a lot.

During the first 3 waves, you will face them one on one. Otherworldly Dollhunter is the hardest, as it is the smallest, quickest, tankiest, and most damaging. When it spins, try to hover over it using a parasol, as it will rapidly damage you and kill you if you aren't careful. Look out for its lunge attacks as well.

Note that the Jester will spawn on the opposite side of the arena as the Dollhunter (the Dollhunter spawns on the East while the Jester spawns on the West), so it is best to turn around after defeating the Dollhunter to avoid being surprised. The Jester has the same move set as the regular Jester, as well as the Doll/Eyeball Alien. Try to avoid getting near it, as it will rapidly damage you on its second attack. The Jester's first attack has a bit of range, however, the Jester has the least health and speed.

The Doll is the same as the frontier Doll, so try not to get too close. You can also jump on its head to avoid damage. Note that the Doll spawns on the West, so the player would again have to turn around after defeating the Jester.

On the last wave, try to kill the Dollhunter first, as the spin might kill you while you are distracted, and jump on the Doll to avoid the attacks of all 3. The Jester is the easiest enemy, so try not to worry about him as much. Kill the Doll so it doesn't unexpectedly charge you after you take down Otherworldly Dollhunter. Any weapon can be used during this, although area-of-effect weapons such as Salamanders are preferable. Try not to get hit!

Floor 47: Teakettle Tony's Revelation in the Stars

Teakettle Tony can be found here.

You are able to force the mob to use one easily avoidable attack by letting it jump onto the spawn plate, then moving to higher platforms in the area. Get it to jump right next to you every time and he will only use the fireblast attack, which can be avoided by simply correctly timing your jumps.

You can also jump on its head to avoid damage, although this is not recommended since some of his melee attacks will still hit you.

Floor 48: Izziworld III

Wonald Izzi spawns here.

The boss is nearly identical to the frontier mob the Inspector. This floor is mainly reliant on your ability to kite. However, when it charges, standing on top of him renders the attack useless.

Floor 49: You've Made a Mistake

The Mistake spawns here.

Of the last 5 floors, it is the easiest to beat. Jump up onto the mob's head, preferably close to its back, and he will not be able to harm you. Keep in mind that if you are standing close to the front of its head, its AOE fist slam attack can damage you. In this case, simply jump and parasol for a second to avoid the attack, then land back on its head.

Floor 50: Soul of the Frontier

Mr. 58 spawns here.

As the boss of the final floor, he has devastating attacks that can kill players with any amount of armor in up to three hits. However, learning the dodging patterns for his attacks will make the battle much easier as even players with weak defense can manage to take no damage if they have mastered these kiting methods. Most fights against Mr.58 involve picking a head to dodge while hitting the same head during the openings the boss has three heads representing three main types of damage in the game: Melee, Magic and Ranged. Looking at the stage of the floor, you'll see 5 hexagons: 2 located by the melee head, 1 in the middle of the stage in front of the magic head, and 2 located by the ranged head.

Dodging Melee head attacks

For the melee head, the two hexagons you'll be focusing on are the two in front of it - these will be referred to as the leftmost and rightmost hexagons in this section. Melee head has three, often large and slow attacks, all of which can perfectly be dodged with decent maneuvering gear. Unlike the other two heads, the melee head doesn't have any attacks that affect the entire stage. As such, players aiming to fight the melee head should position themselves between the two hexagons in front of it, observing its movements to dodge each attack while also paying ample attention to the surroundings to properly dodge the arena-wide attacks of the blue, yellow heads, as well as the laser of the main body.

When the melee head hovers over the leftmost hexagon, it's an indication that it will perform its triple attack, striking three time from left to right. Quickly move away from the leftmost hexagon towards the rightmost hexagon to evade its first attack. After it slams its sword down, quickly sprint onto the leftmost hexagon and move towards the back wall to dodge its subsequent strikes.

When the melee head hovers over the rightmost hexagon, it's an indication that it'll perform either its heavy slam or slide attacks. Its eye is the giveaway of which attack it will be performing, as when it is going to slide, it'll look down while if it'll perform a strike, its eye will stay static.

In case of a slam, simply move away from the rightmost hexagon to dodge its attack. This attack has a rather large radius thus standing on the leftmost hexagon is advised to guarantee the dodge. This attack is also concerns players aiming to dodge the magic head as they should move away from the said hexagon to either side to evade this attack.

In case of a sliding attack, quickly move onto the right hexagon and put your back to the wall, and jump with the parasol. Its swipe attack cannot reach the wall on the back of the rightmost hexagon.

If the player wishes to play it safe, both the slam and the slide can be evaded by moving to the far left corner of the arena, jumping and parasoling, although this will take slightly more time.

Dodging Magic head attacks

Dodging Magic head appears to be the most popular strategy amongst Fantastic Frontier players, as its main positioning is more static compared to the other two heads and can be considered as one of the safest places to be during the fight. Nevertheless, players aiming to dodge the magic head's attacks must also be vigilant about melee head's strike attack as unlucky timing of magic blast attack and melee head's large strike can result in taking a guaranteed hit. If a hit cannot be evaded, tanking a hit from red head is often safer than enduring magic head's devastating attack.

This strategy involves mostly standing between melee and magic heads as magic head's attacks largely target the middle hexagon and are comparatively infrequent. Middle hexagon is seldom safe as both the blast and laser beam attacks of magic head results in deadly attacks that can easily kill players with very high defense. Standing between Magic and Ranged heads is not safe either as two attacks of the ranged head in this area can often kill players in one or two seconds of exposure.

Regardless, players aiming to dodge the magic head should stand between the two heads and move and jump in both directions depending on the situation. Ice spikes can easily be dodged by hovering in the air or avoiding the blue circles that appear on the ground. If magic head is seen charging for the beam attack, players should make sure they are staying clear of anywhere around the middle hexagon and can move to melee head's territory if safe to avoid the magic head's beam with a huge radius. Lastly, if the magic head moves towards its left, it's an indication that it'll perform four large blasts in the left-right-left-right order. Thus, second and fourth blasts can hit the position between the melee and magic heads and players need jump and move into the melee head's territory to avoid said blasts. If the players are unlucky enough to catch melee head preparing a strike, they should rapidly run further into melee head's territory to avoid the strike as if dodging the red head.

Dodging Ranged head attacks

For the ranged head, the two hexagons you'll be focusing on are the two in front of it - these will be referred to as the leftmost and rightmost hexagons in this section. Most optimal position is usually between these two hexagons, moving left, right or jumping according to the ranged head's movements. Rightmost corner farthest away from the yellow head is largely safe when timely jumps are performed, though the invisible wall at the edge, as well as ranged head's large cannon nose can often block the attacks of the player.

Ranged head has two attacks that start in the right hexagon and one attack that start in the left hexagon. Observing its movements between the two hexagons should give players ample time to dodge all attacks. A bonus advantage of dodging the ranged head is that main body's laser beam can completely be avoided simply by walking to the rightmost edge of the screen as the beam doesn't travel that far.

When the ranged head hovers to the right of the rightmost hexagon at about ground level, it's an indication that it'll do its giant rocket attack. First rocket travels close to the main body while the second rocket travels away from it. To avoid this attack, simply wait out the first bullet at a position around the outer wall and rush to the inner wall after dodging the first bullet.

When the ranged head hovers above the leftmost hex and points towards it, it will start shooting along its hexes towards the rightmost one. This attack can be deadly very fast, as suffering two hits from this rapid successive attack can kill almost any player. Ideally, players should wait for it to get to them and then jump and use their parasol to avoid it. However, timing to perfectly dodge this attack can prove challenging so instead, players can jump, activate parasol and hug the rightmost edge of the stage, allowing them to tank at most one attack at this position, which can quickly be cured before the next attack of the ranged head.

Lastly, when the ranged head hovers high above the rightmost hex, it's an indication that it'll do successive heavy shots from its left to its right. Immediately jump with your parasol and hug the inner corner of the rightmost edge of the area. In this attack, the ranged head shoots slowly down about half the arena, and it has a very large hitbox. If you are not high enough, or not in the said corner under the first attack you will be damaged.

Dodging other attacks

Laser - Mr.58's main "head" would occasionally fire a giant laser across the entire map. This is indicated by laughter and movement from its main head. Once you hear this, hug the back wall, then jump and parasol. Wings or stilts are required here.

Ice Spikes - This is indicated by glowing circles on the ground. The magic head will dip itself under the map before using this attack. Simply move around them to dodge it, or by jumping.

Rockets - These are giant rockets/bullets shot by the ranged head and move down the entire stage. If you're focusing on the melee head, simply move out of the way to dodge it.

Note: Due to the insanely large hitboxes of the magic head attacks, it is best to simply avoid it and focus on one of the other heads.

Team Runs

Mobs will have increased health compared to solo runs (2 teammates = 2x health, 3 teammates = 3x health, 4 teammates = 4x health)

General Guide

The health of the mobs are proportional to the amount of players you have on your team, so you will have to play as a certain role (refer to Roles) in order to have maximum efficiency. Those who aggro should be swift enough to evade most mobs, while support players mow down the following mobs. If all players play as one role, then the effectiveness of the team quickly diminishes, so make sure you are communicating and cooperating with your team.

Like with the solo run, you can jump on the heads of all knight mobs. Since you have more people, if there are multiple knights, one each can be on the heads of those knights, if there are enough.


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