• Alias: Sleeping Ratboy, Bewitched Ratboy, Subjugated Ratboy, The Ratboy, Ratboy

The Dreaming Ratboy is a passive rat humanoid-like figure introduced in the Ratboy's Nightmare Update, more specifically the Nightmare Boss Update. It can be seen throughout the Ratboy's Nightmare Dungeon instance, where players can team up with each other in order to face against various obstacles and challenges that await them.


Unlike the other two mobs in the Ratboy's Nightmare Dungeon, the Dreaming Ratboy cannot attack the players, however, the players can attack the Dreaming Ratboy within the magic circle of nightmares. Once it reaches a certain amount of HP, the Dreaming Ratboy will begin to teleport, leaving the players behind to face various obstacles in the dungeon instance. Dreaming Ratboy will reappear again in certain spots on the three floors leading up to the CIRCUS phase.


  • It is unclear whether or not the Dreaming Ratboy is the same Ratboy the players see in the CIRCUS ending cutscene.
  • The Dreaming Ratboy is the only passive mob added in the Ratboy's Nightmare Update (Nightmare Boss Update).
  • Just like the Circus boss, its HP will scale depending on the number of players in the dungeon instance.
  • Following the release of Ratboy's Nightmare Dungeon, the Dreaming Ratboy was killable by players.
    • When killed he used to drop 1 Ratboy Secrets and various amounts of Dungeon Candy.
    • This bug was quickly patched and he is no longer killable, as he will stop taking damage when he falls to ~10% of his health.
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