Dr. Seuss, also known as the Mystery Man, is a non-interactable NPC that can be found standing on the roof slopes of a tower located in The Town of Right and Wrong. This NPC can be found near The Great Eyeman and requires the players to rely on the glowing trees, Mushroom Parasol, and jump-boosting equipment in order to find it.

It appears to be a tall, slender humanoid that seems to be motionless. It wears an iconic hat that usually resembles a real-world reference known as Dr. Seuss, a cat that wears a tall red and white striped hat like the NPC here. It wears an attire that shares similar attires to a clown. It is also known for its pale skin and long arms. Besides it is a death sign, usually representing as a place where players will be attacked, although there had been no recorded incidents of where the players were to be attacked by this NPC or by anything else.

Founded by Shakoah, as well as his other buddies, kofikingston9000 and IICOOLj165, also known as fireflinger222, they were able to find this NPC and provided an image of this mysterious NPC. Another player known as Ryukeyo can be seen on the leaderboard, but shares no connection to the findings of the Mystery Man, also known as Dr. Seuss.


A picture provided by Shakoah; the original image

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