Dr. Seuss, also known as the Mystery Man, is a non-interactable NPC that can be found standing on the roof slopes of a tower located in The Town of Right and Wrong. This NPC can be found right of Otherworldly Weaponsmith which leads to colored trees and lights. He can be reached with a help of boots with high jump such as Jump Boots or Spider Stilts, or Salamanders.

It wears an iconic hat that usually resembles a real-world reference known as The Cat in the Hat, a cat that wears a tall red and white-striped hat. It wears a attire of a yellow-pink double-colored pant, green shoes, and a shirt that is similar to the Celestial Moon Robes, but with a white-robe, with yellowish-brown details on the front, and the shoulders. It is also known for its pale skin and long arms. Next to Dr. Seuss is a sign with a skull on the left. Despite the sign being there, it has no affect on a player.


  • This NPC does not actually move.

The location where Dr. Seuss can be found.

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