The Divine Grapes is the end-product of the Divine Grapes plant, a crop that can be grown and cultivated by the players while performing gardening-related activities in the Frontier. Players can also acquire Divine Grapes as a possible 'uncommon' drop from the Democan.


In appearance, the Divine Grapes look similar to real-life grapes, however, the grapes possess a light mint-green hue, with a large green stem holding all 11 grapes together.

Unlike other end-products from the Gardening feature, the Divine Grapes can be consumed by the players, restoring 100 HP back to the players' health pools, as well as regenerating 2 health points per second lasting for approximately 45 seconds - enough to restore a little bit of the players' maximum health pool.


  • The Divine Grapes can be stacked on top of each other, similar to the 'stacking effect' from the Clown Nose, Dungeon Candies, Firefly Stones, etc.
  • Oddly enough, the regenerative property of this consumable remained untouched after the Spring Update.
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