The Divine Grape Seeds is one of the eight seeds that can be obtained and cultivated by the players from gardening, a feature introduced during the Ratboy's Nightmare Update.

The Divine Grape Seeds can be purchased from Mr. Sims in Topple Hill, at a price range between 25,000 gold and 35,000 gold.


The Divine Grape Seeds are nearly identical to real-life grape seeds, with different color themes. Small white 'grapes' can be seen in the center of the seed, protected by a jagged dirt-brown shell. 

Players can use this to cultivate and grow Divine Grapes if they desire to do so. Other than that, players have the option to sell the Divine Grape Seeds to a selling vendor at a selling price of 20,000 gold.


  • The Divine Grape Seeds are typically cultivated if the players need to unlock The Plant Room's door or to gain profit from the end-products (Divine Grapes).
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