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This guide will be an In-depth analysis on to each stage of progression in Fantastic Frontier, to bring to you the most recommended steps to take when you adventure into this world of exploration and wonder. This will not cover each item in the game, however it will bring to attention all paths of progression for each class.

Each stage will cover:

  • Class - All the pros and cons each class has in that stage
  • Moneymaking - All viable moneymaking methods for that stage
  • Gear - All recommended gear for that stage
    • If there are gear that is worth keeping from earlier stages, they will be restated
  • Technical - A statistical analysis of certain aspects of that stage

Please use the Map of Fantastic Frontier as a common reference, as you will need to know your way and get familiar with traversing the Frontier.

This Guide is subject to change in the future


Get to know Topple Town and get to know it well, as you will need to know which shops and locations to go to whenever you need equipment. Key locations to note:

Gunner Gary can be found on the second floor above Slayer. From the entrance of Topple, enter and turn right. Head up the ladder in the entryway and go through the door on top.

The airship is on the far side of Topple. From the entrance of Topple, walk along the wall until you see a ship on your left, and try not to fall off the hill.

The Giant Ratboy is easy to spot, outside of the town by the market area, lying down on the side of the hill.

Try not to venture too deep into The Nightmare, as most of the map consists of lategame content you are not prepared for. Stick to The Deli, as it is a free source of food, and can net you some great, but rare gear.

What Class?

Currently, there are three classes in Fantastic Frontier: Magic, Melee, and Ranged. Each class will be analyzed throughout this guide, in which their stance will change depending on which stage of the game you are in. For Earlygame specifically:

  • Melee is the most disadvantaged, being one-shot by almost any mob, and is unable to take on early-to-midgame bosses until you have early-lategame melee gear.
  • Magic is the most advantaged, but least obtainable, as it is the most expensive class in earlygame. You won't get your first magic weapon until late-earlygame, however it is the most cost-effective class, as it does not require Bullets, unlike Ranged.
  • Ranged is absolutely decent, with Pipe Rifle being obtainable from the get-go via the Arnold Slime Quest, allowing you to farm Bosses rather early in the game.


Moneymaking is fairly simple in early-game, and actually very fast-paced if you are a bit lucky. The only things you need are:

All around the Frontier, you will see floating specks called Fireflies. Make sure to collect 75-150 of them and turn them in to Stick for mid-game rewards. Practically a free pass to the next stage!

Stick appears randomly throughout Topple Town and The Town of Right and Wrong, so it may take a while trying to find him. Use the fast-travel ship if needed. Stick locations listed on his page.

As for other methods, this includes:

  • Mining Emeralds in Blackrock Mountain, at the black ant mound East from Blackrock Mountain.
    • Server hop so you can skip ore respawn time.
  • Fishing for chests in any pool of water. It is recommended to go to Rabbit Hole for this as it has the highest chest probability, but make sure you exit before night comes or you will meet an unparalleled doom facing an endgame Boss, Parasite, which spawns at nighttime.

* Chests contain many midgame, and even endgame gear, so it's best to utilize this to your advantage.

What about the fighting and the combat? Well, it's sad to say, but the mobs you are able to kill in early-game are hardly ever profitable, and earn less than fishing and mining. If you have the Pipe Rifle or magic, however, consider farming these two bosses:

Inferno Hammer is not the best melee weapon you can get, but a free weapon is a free weapon.

Tri-color Necklace is one of the best neck items in the game, and can last you until endgame, so make sure to keep it.


With NPCs like Knight Antonius and the other shops, as well as the method of crafting at your disposal, you may be a bit excited to use whatever weapons and armors you come across. However:

DO NOT purchase or craft any ore-based armor or weaponry.

Ore armors provide no bonuses —damage buffs to classes— and almost all important mobs in the Frontier are capable of one-shotting even a player with full Onyx Armor, the highest tier ore armor you can obtain. Whether you use Iron Armor or Onyx Armor makes absolutely no difference compared to someone with no armor at all.

Ore-based weapons are all melee, which is the most disadvantaged class in early-game as it is highly vulnerable to practically any mob outside of Topple Hill. Not to mention that all ore-based weapons are incredibly weak compared to any other weapon you can buy.

Crafting does not go beyond the rather useless ore-based gear, so do not worry much about this aspect of the game (as of the Spring Update).

Recommended early-game gear consists of:


There are many different weapons available early-game, however there are a few comparisons you should keep in mind.

Pipe Rifle Profit

How does the profit of Corrupted Wizard and Magma Brain change as you gain more and more damage bonuses? Let's compare.

It takes 109 shots to kill Spider with no bonuses. Assume Spider's average profit is 25,000~ Gold.

It takes 162 shots to kill Magma with no bonuses. Assume Magma's average profit is 50,000~ Gold.

We will approximate Spider's and Magma's damage reduction to 18% We can substitute damage reduction with additional health points, 15,260 for Spider and 22,600 for Magma.

Using this data, here is the profit per kill for the respective Bosses (in increments of 55 to reflect the Gardendweller bonuses) :

Profit Per Run Damage Bonuses
0 55 110 165
Magma Brain Card Image.png
9,500 21,000 27,400 31,500
# of Shots 162 ~116 ~90 ~74
Corrupted Wizard Card Image.png
-2,250 5,500 9,750 12,500
# of Shots 109 ~78 ~61 ~50

Now, this begs another question:

Magic vs. Ranged

Which class can gain the most profit from the two Bosses?

  • Note: time in between server hops and time going to selling vendors are not counted.

Firesoul vs. Pipe Rifle

First we need to firerates of Firesoul, the highest DPS earlygame weapon, and Pipe Rifle, the free ranged weapon we will be using for much of earlygame.

Pipe Rifle can fire 5 shots in 10 seconds, or a 0.5 per second firerate.

Firesoul can fire 7 shots in 10 seconds, or a 0.7 per second firerate.

Now let's compare the DPS of the two. Firesoul's special lasts 2 seconds and has a cooldown of 26 seconds. In 28 seconds, it can deal 1492 damage approx. or ~53 DPS with no bonuses. Formula: [(60+MagicBonus)*26*0.7 + 400 + MagicBonus*2.5]/28

Pipe Rifle deals 140 in two seconds (1960 in 28 seconds) or 70 DPS with no bonuses. Formula: (140 + RangedBonus)/2

Here are their DPS with damage bonuses applied:

DPS Comparison (Rounded) Damage Bonuses
0 55 110 165
~53 ~94 ~135 ~175
Pipe Rifle.png
70 ~98 125 ~153

Lets use this information to get the profit per inventory:

Profit Per Inventory
Pipe Rifle.png
0 55 110 165 0 55 110 165
Magma Brain Card Image.png
1,000,000 1,000,000 1,000,000 1,000,000 180,500 399,000 520,600 598,500
Total Time ~8,520s ~4,800s ~3,340s ~2,580s ~6,137s ~4,389s ~3,439s ~2,812s
Time (per kill) ~426s ~240s ~167s ~129s ~323s ~231s ~181s ~148s
Corrupted Wizard Card Image.png
500,000 500,000 500,000 500,000 -42,750 104,500 185,250 237,500
Total Time ~5,760s ~3,460s ~2,260s ~1,740s ~4,408s ~3,135s ~2,470s ~2,014s
Time (per kill) ~288s ~173s ~113s ~87s ~232s ~165s ~130s ~106s

So Pipe Rifle isn't looking too good. But we aren't even comparing weapons of the same caliber. Lets use a ranged weapon of similar cost, shall we?

Firesoul vs. Hunting Rifle

Lets now compare Firesoul with Hunting Rifle, which are around similar costs (875,000 and 700,000 respectively).

Lets use the same statistics as before for Firesoul, and for Hunting RIfle, just change the base damage.


Firesoul: [(60+MagicBonus)*26*0.7 + 400 + MagicBonus*2.5]/28

Hunting Rifle: (200 + RangedBonus)/2

DPS Comparison (Rounded) Damage Bonuses
0 55 110 165
~53 ~94 ~135 ~175
Hunter Rifle.png
100 ~128 155 ~183

We will also be needing the profit per run of the Hunting Rifle:

Profit Per Run (Rounded) Damage Bonuses
0 55 110 165
Magma Brain Card Image.png
~21,750 ~27,750 ~31,750 ~34,500
# of Shots 113 ~89 ~73 ~62
Corrupted Wizard Card Image.png
~6,000 ~10,000 ~12,750 ~14,500
# of Shots ~76 ~60 ~49 ~42

And Comparing the Profit Per Inventory Below:

Profit Per Inventory
Hunter Rifle.png
0 55 110 165 0 55 110 165
Magma Brain Card Image.png
1,000,000 1,000,000 1,000,000 1,000,000 413,250 527,250 603,250 655,500
Total TIme ~8,520s ~4,800s ~3,340s ~2,580s ~4,294s ~3,363s ~2,774s ~2,337s
Time per Kill ~426s ~240s ~167s ~129s 226s ~177s ~146s ~123s
Corrupted Wizard Card Image.png
500,000 500,000 500,000 500,000 114,000 190,000 242,250 275,500
Total TIme ~5,760s ~3,460s ~2,260s ~1,740s ~2,907s ~2,261s ~1,862s ~1,577s
Time per Kill ~288s ~173s ~113s ~87s ~153s ~119s ~98s ~83s

Now lets convert these into profit per hour:

Profit Per Hour
Hunter Rifle.png
0 55 110 165 0 55 110 165
Magma Brain Card Image.png
~422,535 Gold ~750,000 Gold ~1,077,844 Gold ~1,395,349 Gold ~346,460 Gold ~564,407 Gold ~782,877 Gold ~1,009,756 Gold
Corrupted Wizard Card Image.png


~520,231 Gold ~796,460 Gold ~1,034,483 Gold ~141,176 Gold ~302,521 Gold ~468,367 Gold ~628,916 Gold

Essentially; Magic wins out as the better class for moneymaking in Earlygame.

Firesoul vs Darktoad

Which spellbook is the better purchase?

Firesoul has higher DPS than Darktoad, with an aimable, long-distance Special. However, it will be replaced by better spellbooks as you progress.

Darktoad, though it has lower DPS, has lifesteal, where it is used as a healing weapon. This allows it to shift from a combat weapon to a utility weapon by endgame. Its ultimate is rather short-ranged, which makes it utterly useless throughout earlygame and midgame, as being that close to Bosses like Spider (common name for Corrupted Wizard) and Magma Brain would spell imminent death.

By endgame, it proves to be a powerful weapon, as it has the highest-damage magic special in the game, making it so you would have the armor capable to fight in close quarters.

Comparison of their DPS is shown below:

DPS/Damage Comparison
Magic Bonus
100 200 300
DPS Left-Click 229 371 514
Single-Hit Special 650 900 1150
DPS Left-Click 206 331 456
Single-Hit Special 1625 2150 2675


Midgame is a continuation of earlygame, where you continue grinding out Corrupted Wizard until you get Spider Stilts —a crucial foot equipment that'll help you get around the Frontier faster— and Magma Brain for the gold.

It is also a good time to start exploring The Nightmare, as it will consist of many locations you would need to revisit later on. Try to look around nooks and crannies for Rat Tokens, as collecting these is necessary for unlocking The Vault, which brings access to one of the Endgame farming methods. Obtain the Ancient Key via Toaster Josh's "Manhunt" in this stage to get a "head start" when you are more prepared to progress further in lategame.

Class Comparison

As all viable moneymaking methods usually include boss-grinding, DPS is a crucial statistic you must consider, as the higher the DPS, the faster you farm, and the faster you farm, the more money you'll earn.

  • Melee is still disadvantaged, however it would be a lot more manageable, as you can reach the "maximum" amount of armor (101 armor) just from the midgame Guardian Set and Mud Ring alone. You are also open to some of the highest DPS weapons in the game, providing you with a lot of variety.
  • Magic will become a lot more expansive, with way more weapons at your disposal, being a very decent class.
  • Ranged, because it usually boasts high single-hit damage and can pick off mobs safely, has the highest DPS of any class in this stage (melee still needs to dodge, and this decreases DPS performance), and thus makes it the recommended class if you wish to farm the most money.


Now that you have a bigger wallet, it may be time to consider more passive methods of earning money, that being Gardening. Gardening consists of planting seeds (or eggs, i.e. salamanders) and gaining profit from the harvest.

All seeds have varying prices, which are random each time it is sold in shop, so make sure to hop servers and get the cheapest price.

In addition to grinding those two bosses, farm:

  • Noble Blue Seeds, which is one of the best passive farming methods with no drawbacks. Make sure to choose Option 3 to get the best profit. Only buy the cheapest ones at 90,000 gold in cost.
  • Gift Tree Seeds, which are the most expensive, but also one of the higher-yielding gardening methods. Do note that you have a chance to gain negative profit (25% per tree), so keep that in mind. Only buy the cheapest ones at 1,900,000 gold in cost.

Also consider taking a good look at Otherworld Tower, and get familiar with its floors. It is the third best farming method in the game, so make sure you get used to grinding it. Use the Dungeon Run Guide if needed.


For Any Class:

  • Vital Pendant, which would serve as your first regen equipment. You no longer have to use food or sleep to heal when you are out of combat.
  • Tri-Color Necklace, if you haven't gotten it from Magma Brain yet, as it provides the highest damage bonus for any necklace.
  • Spider Stilts, farmed from Corrupted Wizard, which is an upgrade to the Jump Boots.

For Ranged:

For Melee:

  • Guardian Set, good if you want to reach high defense
  • Red King Greatsword, the highest base damage and DPS of all the 5m swords
  • Pureblood Dagger, which boasts the highest possible DPS in the game (with high bonuses), with a supportive lifesteal special
  • Red Power Fists, the second highest DPS melee weapon in the game

For Magic:

What To Keep

For Any Class:

  • White Salamander, which is a good all-class crowd control weapon.

For Magic:

  • Darktoad Spellbook, which serves as a healing utility weapon.


Noble Blues vs Gift Trees

Which gardening method is the best? To answer that, we'll have to know which plant gives the greatest mean profit per hour.

There are a total of 20 gardening plots in the Frontier, so we'll assume 20 of each plant has been planted.

Noble Blues cost 90,000~ Gold, with the best option being Option 3, giving on average a Blue Bean of 150,000~ gold. This gives about 60,000~ Gold in profit per plant. This means 1,200,000~ Gold every 2 hours, or 600,000 Gold per hour.

Gift Trees cost 1,900,000~ Gold, and on average gives 2,450,000~ Gold in revenue. That is 550,000~ profit per tree. That is 11,000,000~ Gold every 3 days, or 152,778~ Gold per hour.

Seems like Noble Blues take the lead on this one, right? Maybe, but let's give Gift Trees a chance and take a more reasonable approach.

Remember that people do not stay up 24/7 for three days straight, so lets use a reasonable timeframe. Say your typical leisure time is from 7:00AM to 5:00PM (7:00-17:00 on a 24-hour clock), which is a 10 hour period. This means you can only check up on your Noble Blues 5 times a day.

1,200,000 * 5 = 6,000,000~ Gold per day. Since Gift Trees take three days, thats 6,000,000 * 3 or 18,000,000 Gold in the three day's time it takes to grow a Gift Tree.

18m beats 11m, so Noble Blues are a better source of money.

Gift Trees only become more profitable when the player is only able to check up on Noble Blues 3 times a day or less, as 1,200,000 * 3 * 3 = 10,800,000, which is slightly less than 11,000,000.

Gift Tree Profit Probability

Gift Trees, like all other garden crops, do not yield guaranteed profits. However, the chances of profits increase with the more Gift Trees you plant simultaneously as it is more likely to profit than to lose money on the base case (75%). While never reaching 100% profit chance, planting more trees skew the odds greatly in your favour as shown in the following table:

Gift Tree Profits
Number of Trees Fruits Needed to Make Profit Chance of Making Profit (in %)
1 3 75
2 6 81.25
3 9 84.375
4 11 94.140625
5 14 94.53125
6 17 95.01953125
7 19 98.02856445
8 22 98.14605713
9 25 98.27957153
10 28 98.41804504
11 30 99.33671951
12 33 99.37894344
13 36 99.42313433
14 38 99.75570925
15 41 99.77004901
16 44 99.7850586
17 47 99.80021711
18 49 99.9134297
19 52 99.91873072
20 55 99.98493435

Program used: AnyDice

As a result, it is recommended to always plant Gift Trees when possible since it is extremely unlikely to lose money and because they does not require much effort for the passive profit that they offer.

Pureblood DPS

Pureblood has the potential to be the highest DPS weapon in the game, so lets break down why.

With 175 base damage, it seems rather measly, but the key factor in this is that it takes 2x the bonus if you only have one type of bonus (we call this Pure Bonus). Another factor is that it is a dagger, and thus can deal multiple hits per second.

Pureblood is technically a class-less weapon, as it can take on any bonus, but it is most suitable for the melee class.

The formula we would be using, assuming Pureblood does two hits per second, would be:

2(175 + [Pure Melee Bonus]*2)

Pureblood DPS
Pure Bonus
100 200 300 400
Pureblood Dagger.png
750 1150 1550 1950

One of the highest DPS ranged weapons in the game is currently the Gnome Rocket Launcher (GRL), which boasts a high 1440 DPS. However this pales in comparison to Pureblood Dagger.

* Do note though that current melee sets (as of the Spring Update) cannot maintain sustained DPS, and thus Pureblood lacks in performance and cannot compete with GRL in terms of farming speed.


After you have enough gear (around 70-80 armor and above), it will be time for you to take on bigger fish.

By now you should be ready to take on Otherworld Tower and reach floor 50. Grab a friend and have them carry you if need be.

Explore deeper into the Nightmare, and go to The Road to farm Democan until you obtain the Hidden Key. This is needed to access Lost, a lategame boss that drops the Light Marble. Travel to the end of The Road to find Journeyman so you can obtain the Dark Marble.

If you haven't already, collect a total of 500 tokens as well, scattered throughout the nightmare.

Why all this? With the light and dark marble in your inventory and with 500 tokens collected (does not have to be in inventory; even if you lost them on death it would still work), you can unlock The Vault, which progresses the Nightmare storyline and gives access to Circus, another lategame boss.

Class Comparison

  • Ranged is the meta, and is the safest and highest sustained DPS of the three classes. The best performing one for moneymaking.
  • Melee is considered the most balanced, but does not evolve much past midgame. You won't find many useful upgrades to your weapons or armor, however it does get a useful support weapon: the Eyeball of Reckoning Ultradagger.
  • Magic loses its prime here, as it pales in comparison to the potential of Ranged. There are more weapons and better gear to up its burst damage, but it is possibly the weakest class in terms of DPS.


Here we will find the top three farming methods in the game, in order:

  • The Lost (Monster), with average profit per hour being 8.5m in ideal conditions
  • Circus, with average profit per hour being 7.7m in ideal conditions
  • Otherworld Tower, with average profit per hour being 7.2m in ideal conditions

Lost can reach 8.5m if you are able to kill it in 1 minute 30 seconds or less. Just a 30 second difference can make you lose 2.1m in profit or more.

  • You can only achieve high profits with the Ranged class (Full Forgotten Life + GRL). Lost is not recommended for you if you do not have substantial DPS. More information in the technical section.

If you have a high amount of Circus Watches, and can do all runs with skips, then you will have 7.7m in profit approximately. It can be significantly lower if you do not use watches, or if you farm it with friends.

Tower can net you 7.2m per hour only if you use Floor 40 Skip Tickets. Doing full runs of tower, or towering with friends, can lower this amount.


For Any Class:

For Ranged:

For Melee:

For Magic:

  • Machine Rug Set, with "max" armor (16/38/30) and a good amount of endurance
  • Staff of Dreams(SoD), with a low cooldown Greater Storms ultimate which is great for Special Spamming
  • Wicked Junk Spellbook, which has a high damage special good for farming Bosses and its basic attack speed boost shortly after (called the Purge)
  • Frontier Spellbook, which provides a nice buffer between special cooldowns
    • Synergizes with Staff of Dream's cooldown, allowing you to use the Staff's special before and after Eternal Form (the name of Frontier's special)
  • If you do Giant Toad's Tasks, Otherworld Slug, with incredibly high bonus
  • If you do Giant Toad's Tasks, Nightingale Mask, as it provides better bonus and endurance compared to Machine Rug Helm

What To Keep

For Ranged:

  • Front Bullet Pack, which helps conserve expensive ammo such as Gnome Rockets

For Melee:

  • Red King Greatsword, which remains a high-DPS greatsword
  • Red Power Fists, which is a high-DPS melee weapon if you are not going for Pureblood
  • Pureblood Dagger, if you wish to reach even higher DPS levels (though you need a pure set to use it)

For Magic:

  • Greater Storms, which is still a viable crowd control for endgame
  • Darktoad Spellbook, where now its special can be fully utilized

A Tip For Magic Users

Now that you have a substantial amount of magic weapons, it is time for you to utilize Special Chaining. That is, use the specials of your weapons one after another in quick succession. Doing this instead of using the basic attack of one special significantly increases your overall DPS. More Information in the Technical Section.


Special Chaining vs Basic Attacks

Lets compare between an endgame special chain combo and the highest DPS basic attack you can have.

A typical endgame combo would be Bolt of Dreams(SoD) + Eternal Form(Frontier SB) + Bolt of Dreams(SoD) + Smite(Greater Storms) + Echo of the Void(Darktoad)

The magic weapon with the highest DPS is currently Greater Storms (as of the Spring Update).

Using the formulas:

[(700+MagicBonus*3)*3 + (205 + MagicBonus*1.1)*10 + (500 + MagicBonus*3.25) + (600+MagicBonus*2)]/14


The results are shown below:

DPS Comparison 300
Greater Storms 604.2
Special Chain 916.07

Celestial vs Staff of Dreams

Staff of Dreams and Celestial both have similar basic attacks, with a chargable attack that increases in damage and very conservative of stamina. Which is better?

Despite being more expensive, Staff of Dreams actually has a weaker basic attack, because Celestial has a higher multiplier. The two formulas for a fully charged shot are:

Celestial: (80 + MagicBonus * 1.1) * 3.25

Staff of Dreams: 320 + (MagicBonus * 1.7)

The resulting data is shown below:

Staff of Dreams vs Celestial
Basic Attack Damage
Magic Bonus
100 200 300
520 877.5 1235
490 660 830

Stargun vs. Handgun

Stargun and Handgun are two ranged weapons, with Handgun being the more expensive weapon. But how does it compare to Stargun when it does not have a fast firerate?

Lets assume stargun fires twice per second and handgun fires 13 times in 10 seconds (1.3 per second). The data for their respective dps is shown below:

Stargun vs Handgun DPS Ranged Bonus
100 200 300
Frontier Stargun.png
720 920 1120
780 910 1040

Frontier Greatsword vs. Honoring Blade (vs. Red King Greatsword)

It is debatable whether Frontier Greatsword or Honoring Blade is the better melee greatsword. Lets compare.

Red King Greatsword is a rather under-rated melee weapon with massive DPS potential, so we will throw this in here for comparison.

Assuming its one swing per second, the DPS of the swings of the swords would be proportional to the ratios of their base damages, being 575, 550, and 525. This means, for just the basic attacks, Frontier would be the best, followed by Honoring Blade and Red King. But what is important is not the basic attacks, but the potential to couple it with their specials.

Frontier Greatsword cannot swing while it's special activates, so we will only calculate for its Special damage. Eternity Beam takes 20% of melee bonuses and 33% of magic bonuses, and lasts 3 seconds.

Honoring Blade's special can be combined with its basic attack, which increases its DPS. Magma Scorch takes 20% of magic bonuses and lasts 10 seconds.

Red King's special is a DPS boost on its own, so that will be taken into account. Lasts 10 seconds (though can only swing for 9).

Below are their respective DPS (rounded to the nearest integer):

DPS Comparison Damage Bonuses (for all classes)
0 100 200 300
Frontier Greatsword Large.png
467 573 679 785
850 970 1090 1210
1410 1510 1610 1710
  • In this melee bonus range, Red King Greatsword actually has the highest DPS in the game, though only when the special is active.

Tower vs. Circus vs. Lost

We all argue whether Tower is better or if Lost is better, etc. We will answer this question using simulations consisting of the RNG reward system of each farming method, derived from the Tower, Circus, and Lost reward tables. Each simulation runs for over 99,000 iterations (runs), and takes the average of all the runs to form the Profit Per Hour value. Learn about the Law of Large Numbers to know why this method is the most accurate way to obtain this statistical value.

An alternate method would be forming a confidence interval, which was found to be inconclusive, or using a sample T-test, which would require over 90 hours of testing, which we were unable to obtain the samples for.

Currently the Circus simulation is up for people to test for themselves. Courtesy of wiki user Flubsters who created the simulation and made it available for public testing.

This is on the basis that you do these Solo. As in, you are not grinding the Bosses with friends or people carrying you.

Assume that we use floor 40 skip tickets all Tower runs, and that we only use Circus Watches when they are obtained during that current session (i.e. we start off with no Circus skips).

The fastest time s (column 1) are from data collection of people completing a run with GRL (no action cancel). We use realistic intervals to compensate for people with slower run times, giving a range for the profit per hour.

Circus times compensate for the occasional Circus Watch, and are in a

[Run Time With Skips]/ [Run Time With No Skips]

in Minutes


Using the results from simulated runs, we get:

Profit Per Hour of the 3 Methods Time Per Run Profit Time Per Run Profit Time Per Run Profit


~6,500,000 Gold 12


~6,000,000 Gold 13 Minutes ~5,500,000


The Lost.png




1.5 Minutes ~8,600,000


1.75 Minutes ~7,200,000


Circus Boss.gif


~9,100,000 Gold 3/3.8 Minutes ~8,000,000






Circus with Circus Watches only in comparison

Profit Per Hour (Skips-only runs) Time Per Run Profit Time Per Run Profit Time Per Run Profit
Circus Boss.gif
2.6 Minutes ~10,500,000 Gold 3 Minutes ~9,000,000 Gold 3.3 Minutes ~8,200,000 Gold

WIth faster times (requires full endurance build with GRL), Lost takes the lead at 10,200,000 profit per hour.

  • Do note that profit is affected by run-times, and thus Lost has the greatest repercussions from longer run times (1.3m~1.6m loss in profit compared to Tower's 0.5m loss and Circus's 0.8m~0.9m).

Lets see the comparison with slower run times:

Profit Per Hour of the 3 Methods Time Per Run Profit Time Per Run Profit Time Per Run Profit








16 Minutes ~4,500,000


The Lost.png




2.25 Minutes ~5,600,000






Circus Boss.gif


~6,600,000 Gold 4/5.3








With slower run times, Circus performs the best compared to the other two.