• Alias: Creep, Otherworldly Creep, Otherworldly Golem, Myriad

The Creep is a levitating golem-like apparition that can be found on the 42nd floor of the Otherworld Tower, If There Is a Limit, I Cannot Find It, serving as main obstacles as the players progress through the dungeon.


There are two attacks that the Creep can perform:

  • Dual Smash - Smashes the ground from both in front and behind itself.
  • Smash - Uses its limbs in an attempt to smash the players in front of itself.


A popular strategy is to use area-affecting weapons to eliminate large waves of Creeps approaching the players. These area-affecting weapons include but not limited to Greater Storms Spellbook, Frontier Greatsword, Blade of the Throne, etc.


  • According to the developers, they were nicknamed as the "Creeps". However, Spectrabox stated that "Otherworld Creep" and "Otherworld Golem" were a bit better in his opinion. This received a small backlash as some parts of the community are tired having "Otherworldly" slammed into a mob's name.
  • The Creep's floor is possibly a reference to the Fibonacci patterns and numbers.
  • The Creep is sometimes compared to a Hammer Knight and/or Ice Knight.
  • If it were to be called the Otherworld Golem, it may confuse some players to visualize it as a reskin of the Golem, hence why the Creep was never called a Otherworld Golem.
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