This article is made for the sole purpose of crediting and giving recognition to the many, many members of the Fantastic Frontier community that have helped contributed to the Fantastic Frontier since its creation in July 2017. The wiki community is composed of various ranks, the highest being the Bureaucrat position (excluding the Founder position).

Wiki Staff

Founder •

The founder is typically the first person who initiated the creation of a wiki community. In this case, the founder has created the Fantastic Frontier Wikia, where all players alike gather into a wonderful, yet wacky community to share information, hold discussions, and play together in the adventure RPG game on the Roblox platform. The current founder is Jolluminati, however, he remains inactive since July 22, 2017.

We unfortunately do not have any ways of contacting them as they have likely moved on to other things in life.

Admins & Bureaucrats •

Administrators are a rank up above those with the content moderator, being granted additional permissions to further the development of the wiki and its community. Bureaucrats helps regulate content and announce policies in the wiki community and may serve as a council for those requesting additional editing rights. The following users below are currently active and available for readers to ask questions, voice their concerns, get clarification about something, and so forth.

Ranks Members
Bureaucrats As8D, Kennethlon14, PTK473
Admins Aquadrious, QuiteShyy, Quizix, ZPineapple

Content Moderators •

Content moderators are wiki staff that helps add and regulate the flow of content and activity occurring in the Fantastic Frontier Wikia. Each and every content moderator have their own unique skills that helps aid in the goal and development of the wiki. The following users below are people who are currently active.

Ranks Members
Content Moderator Academyjr64, C18wos, Cliffblight, Dermisbakin, ExtremeNinja777, Killerboss08, Prince Doge (LordDogeus), ProBonsaiGamer, Sinmorality, Thebestoneinthegame, Tooquick4you2, Tyrannosaurus1, Wibitush, Wretchblade

• Former Wiki Staff •

The following users below once served as a wiki staff and are no longer staff members. This section will give recognition to the contributions they have made in the past prior to their retirement and departures from the community.

Ranks Members
Bureaucrats AifeLuu, ElasticLemoon, IXGuilmonXI
Admins Enorii, Neko Overlord, Vraelot
Content Moderators 1rubberducky2, AshenZie, BaDShyGUy, BaronPink, Ben60089, Cuboidnet, DirectorLudwig, Dragonshield12, Finalcrafter, FroyoIsGreat, Gaberdell, General Nighthawk, HolyAryan, Icedreamlord, Infamous Dream, Jecoconono, JeffTheQc, Kappachina, Kobethememeguy, LuckyTuxRBLX, Mega Memer, MegaBlademaster12, Mosspaw1, MysteryMan85, Neonixel, NepNepNep, Poiiuy, RBLXAetheris, RedBoyRedstone, Rich2725406, RobroAmerican, Screby, Skrikt, Talington, TheOneAndOnly67, TheRealPengu, Thomas132123, Toothlesswon, Verlias, WikiGerrit, XBloodyTomX

Community Members

• Top Contributors •

Top contributors will refer to the top 10 contributors that are not a part of the wiki staff team, but have done much to improve the wiki in many ways (usually indicated by the total number of edits they have). Top contributors will be updated on a monthly basis, with the list being renewed on the first day of each month.

This ranking was updated on June 1, 2020.

Ranking Name Total Edits
1st TheOneAndOnly67 525
2nd Kappachina 438
3rd Agnecu 381
4th SkellTheGlowBird 356
5th Ricardo301 349
6th TheTrueGarbage 293
7th 1KingSceptile3 272
8th Knoxunia 205
9th InfiniteBread 201
10th Scoutcraft218 187

• Contributors •

Contributors will typically include those who have made sufficient contributions to be noticed by wiki staff members. This will only include those who have made at least 100 edits on the Fantastic Frontier Wikia or are recognized for their exceptional knowledge. Criteria are susceptible to change.

This list was last edited on July 19, 2020, by user Kennethlon14.

Name Total Edits Name Total Edits
PraetorianNine 183 Viraden 117
TravMiner123 170 Volgarra 113
ARandomAAPlayer 160 NubiDubi23 110
QualityMeme 156 SlimyBlox 109
Waaaleee 155 Ducktronboss 107
Suzanoh 153 Saber Alter CC 105
JuhnJuhn 153 OOFSyenxiao3 104
Armon0123onthewiki 151 Yoyo95639 104
Leroy8888 142 RobroAmerican 102
Henryz111 141 FrontierDude 101
Luizbiel 140
T3traBlox 139
Dont scrap the ice dragon 139
Slidey Lad 138
NightFillyMemocan 134
Useless Astronaut 119
Bentlysk 118 Flubsters 68

• Other Users •

The following users does not have a FANDOM account, however, they have been credited at one point for providing resources and information beneficial to the Fantastic Frontier's community. This specifically refers to the three users who have worked on the old map of Fantastic Frontier, those being Breadmaple, Maplestick, and Our_Hero.

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