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  • Alias: Cosmic Ghost, Demonic Ghost, Corrupted Ghost

The Cosmic Ghost can be seen on the island of Matumada. They can be seen roaming around the open plains of Matumada or found on smaller isles located around or near Matumada at night.

What makes the Cosmic Ghost unique and distinctive from the rest of the Ghost species is that the Cosmic Ghost has a dangerous set of attacks at its disposal, allowing it to inflict damage on the players gradually over time.

In terms of appearance and size, it is larger than other Ghost species, and possesses an ominous, celestial image. It gives off a glowing purple aura and a devilish look with ghostly horns coming out from the sides of its head.


There are three attacks that the Cosmic Ghost can perform:

  • Charge - Charges towards the players in front of them and then making a loop above them as they return to its last position. 
  • Cosmic Bites - If the player were to be close to it, the Ghost will dive towards the players several times in order to bite the players continuously.
  • Deadly Snuggle - Similar to its Charge attack, except the effect lasts much longer and gradually inflict large amounts of damage towards the players if they do not avoid it.

Drop Rates

The drop rates of every single collectible that can be acquired from the Cosmic Ghost. Any claims of "missing items" that the Cosmic Ghost could drop will be cast aside as false information.

  • 1% chance of Top Hat
    • 1% chance for another


One way to "cheese" the boss is by luring it a bit above ground level and immediately go under it, this could very easily be done with the help of the Gnome Rocket Launcher/ Salamanders. That way, the Cosmic Ghost will be unable to lower itself to attack. The trick can also be used on Plasma Ghosts as well.


  • The Cosmic Ghost was introduced in the Spring Update.
  • The Cosmic Ghost is viewed as a mini-boss of the island of Matumada as it poses a grave threat to any adventurers wandering about.
  • The Cosmic Ghost can despawn any time during the night. But upon morning, if the Cosmic Ghost has not been damaged, it will certainly despawn.