Template:Monster InfoBoxThe Corrupted Wizard, also known as Shakira to some players, is an elite boss that can be found at The Spider's Nest inside Blackrock Mountain. It can be seen on the upper platform, waiting for any victims that may fall into its battlefield.

In appearance, it has a large stature, along with glowing red eyes. It wears a wizard cap that resembles that of a Corrupted Wizard's Helmet. It has six legs to move around its nest.

There are three known attacks that the Corrupted Wizard will unleash upon the players. The first known attack is a melee attack where the Corrupted Wizard will swing its front legs towards the player, in a whip-like fashion towards the ground. The second known attack is another melee attack, except the Corrupted Wizard will charge in a straight line towards the player, swinging its front legs downward up to 8 times. The third known attack is a combination of a ranged and melee attack where the Corrupted Wizard will raise its whole body into the air by straightening its back legs and launching two balls of purple magic that will explode on impact, causing AOE damage. The Corrupted Wizard will proceed to slam its body to the ground, damaging any players that are caught under its body.

Location Guidance

For those having trouble locating the cave itself, first use the map for assistance finding Blackrock Mountain.

From there go to the Northern side of the mountain. You should see a cave nearby that looks like this.

File:RobloxScreenShot20170728 191244070 (2).png

Go up to the cave and click "E" to enter.

Once you've entered, follow the cave path until you see a large opening below. The Corrupted Wizard is down there.

RobloxScreenShot20170728 191351413 (2).png

After you've defeated the Corrupted Wizard, you will need to pick up the dropped key. This key allows you to go through the portal.

File:150128851496654 (1).png


Once you've gone through you'll end up on top of the Blackrock Mountain, this action does not use up the key and you are able to go back down into the lair through the portal.

File:150128851496654 (2).png


From there you can either climb down or walk up to the peak and talk to the Spirit of the Mountain.

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