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<nowiki>{{</nowiki>Monster InfoBox|image1 = E1aLeN0rSii5239BhIqkng.png|location = Blackrock Mountain|Health = 11,000|materials = Bag of Gems
Blackrock Mountain Portal Key
Spider Stilts
Corrupted Wizard's Helmet |armor_and_equipment = N/A|weapons = N/A<nowiki>}}</nowiki>The Corrupted Wizard Spider is located inside of the cave on the North side of Blackrock Mountain. It is located much deeper inside of this cave in a circular area surrounded by black rocks. 
In appearance it is a massive spider with glowing red eyes. As the name suggests this creature dons an iconic wizard hat and can be seen as a Corrupted Wizard.
This boss has two main methods of attack. Seeing as this used to be a wizard it as a magical ranged attack which involves it rising up and collecting purple magical energy in its hands and firing it to hit the player twice. It also has a close range melee attack that is attacking the player with its pincers.

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