The Coral Ring is a ring equipment that can be obtained in the Frontier. It is acquired via purchasing it at a price of 85,000 gold from Amy Thistlewitch at Blackrock Mountain. Another viable method of acquiring a Coral Ring is killing the Coral Giant, as a possible rare drop.

The Coral Ring is described to be an enchanted ocean ring made from hand-carved coral, as implied by its description. The corals seem to be made of several bits of Sandy Corals, as well as one of the red corals found in Coral Bay and The Far Coast.

When equipped, the player will receive 15 more damage points for any magic weapons, increasing its damage. The players will also receive 2 armor points, slightly increasing their protection; reducing the amount of damage being taken. The Coral Ring is easily obtainable and is one of the popular recommendations for a ring that will substitute magic.


  • The red coral, also known as 'precious coral', are known to be used to make jewelry, possibly explaining why the developers have chosen a red coral for the Coral Ring.
  • The number of points from the magic damage, 15, is a possible reference to the number of coral bits used to construct the Coral Ring.
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