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Coral Bay is one of the various coastlines in the Frontier. Coral Bay, not to be confused with Pebble Bay, is a coastline that borders several map areas, those being:

As its name implies, its coastlines are partially covered with several species of corals found on its rocks and boulders, as well as near the waters. It is considered to be one of the shortest coastlines of the Frontier, the other being Starry Point.


There is a very small amount of birds found in Coral Bay merely consisting of Beachbird, Forgotten Bird, and Gull.


Harvestables that can be found in the area consist of Clamstack, Rising Star Mushroom, Sandy Coral, Shell, and Strangeman's Shell.


Coral Bay as expected has a large assortment of fishes such as Dragon Shrimp, Emperor Whale, Ghost Clapper, Glow Friend, Golden Ticketfish, Heavyhead Fish, King of the Sea, Red Clapper, Serpent of the Deep, Shockjaw, and Shrimp.


Mobs in the area include Coral Giant, Esteemed Gumbo, Lighthouse Spitter, Mud Genie, Ratboy, Shellmouth, Walker, and the Whisperer.


There are no current NPCs that can be found in Coral Bay.

There is no landmark of importance that could be found in the area, essentially making it pointless to visit the area. Overall, players should only venture out to this area if they wish to acquire fishes native to the waters of Coral Bay, collect harvestables scattered across the coastlines, or to kill mobs that can be found in the area.