The Complementary Frog is the first badge "implemented" to the game, Fantastic Frontier. It was added on March 19th, 2018, and since its creation, only one person had obtained it (Spectrabox). Its purpose in-game was planned to be given to players who found a collectible dubbed the 'Running Frog' in the Ratboy's Nightmare Update, however, nothing regarding the badge or the collectible had been seen in-game.


Based on the icon, it depicts a humanoid-like frog in a static, running position. Its skin is green, its belly is beige, and it possesses a pair of humanoid-like eyes. Other than that, not much can be said about its overall appearance.


  • The Complementary Frog Badge was speculated to be obtained by finding the "Running Frog" in the Frontier. This was later proven false after its purpose was revealed to be obtained in the Nightmare.
  • Currently, it's scrapped and there's no viable methods of obtaining it.
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