The Collector's Cap is a garment that was introduced during the 1.10 (Fishing) Update. It can be purchased from the Clothing Seller in Topple Town at a price of 5,000,000 gold. Other viable methods of acquiring the Collector's Cap include but are not limited to:

In appearance, the Collector's Cap appears to be a red cap similar to that of a Rich Man's Cap. A red plasmatic effect can be seen emitting from the cap once it is worn by the players.

The Collector's Cap is simply a garment that is used for vanity. It does not provide benefits whatsoever, other than to be worn for bragging rights.


  • It is nearly identical to that of a Rich Man's Cap.
  • The Collector's Cap was the first cap to be discovered when the 1.10 (Fishing) Update was launched to the main game, followed by the Rich Man's Cap.


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