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The Collector's Cap is one of the three caps that were introduced in the 1.10 Update, also known as the Fishing update to some players. The Collector's Cap is one of the few non-purchasable items in Fantastic Frontier and one of the very few cosmetic items that can be sold to a selling vendor for a high selling price.

The Collector's Cap can be obtained by two different methods. The first method is by opening Deep Sea Treasure Chests that can be obtained by fishing. The second method is by completing certain expert-hunting and collecting tasks given by Slayer, an NPC that was added in the 1.10 Update. There are currently four known expert tasks that can reward the Collector's Cap:

  • Collect and turn-in 1 Centennial Catfish
  • Collect and turn-in 1 Frontier Stone
  • Collect and turn-in 1 Glow Feather

In appearance, it is a bright red cap with a simple design and mainly serves as a cosmetic item as it gives no stat bonuses. What sets it apart from most other items in the Frontier is that the cap emits particle effects. The particles consist of multiple red "X" or "crosses" spinning clockwise and counter-clockwise around the cap.