The Coldwater Shrimp is one of the many fishes that can be acquired in the Frontier. A crustacean that thrives in cold bodies of waters, like the Frigid Coastline and The Long Coast.

In appearance, it has light blueish-white colors applied to its skin, with a long, curved tail. It is possibly based on the Blue Velvet Shrimp, a species of the shrimp found in real-life.

The Shrimp can be consumed by the players, restoring 30 HP back to the players' health pools. The players also have the option to sell it to a selling vendor at a selling price of 1,000 gold.


  • It is possible that this variant of the Shrimp is mortal enemies of the Gnome people, however, they are typically found in cold bodies of waters, and gnomes tend to live in warmer areas of the Frontier.
  • The Coldwater Shrimp can only be found in cold bodies of water, as implied by its name.
  • The other variant of this crustacean is the Shrimp, as well as several others like the Odd Blue Shrimp, Odd Yellow Shrimp, Dragon Shrimp, and Odd Green Shrimp.
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