The Clothing Seller is a well-known vendor that can be found in the sanctuary of Topple Town, located in her Clothing Boutique in the shopping district.

List of Items

She is known to a sell a variety of stylish clothing, as well as a handful of stats-boosting clothing and accessories that includes but not limited to:


  • Black Dress Bottom
  • Black Pants
  • Black Shoes
  • Black Shorts
  • Black T-Shirt
  • Black Top
  • Blue Cape
  • Blue Dress Bottom
  • Blue Pants
  • Blue Shorts
  • Blue T-Shirt
  • Blue Top
  • Brown Pants
  • Brown Shoes
  • Brown Shorts
  • Gray Pants
  • Gray Shorts
  • Green Cape
  • Green Dress Bottom
  • Green Pants
  • Green Shoes
  • Green Shorts
  • Green T-Shirt
  • Green Top
  • Pink Dress Bottom
  • Pink T-Shirt
  • Pink Top
  • Red Cape
  • Red Dress Bottom
  • Red Pants
  • Red Shoes
  • Red Shorts
  • Red T-Shirt
  • Red Top
  • White Dress Bottom
  • White Pants
  • White Shorts
  • White T-Shirt
  • White Top
  • Yellow Cape
  • Yellow Dress Bottom
  • Yellow T-Shirt
  • Yellow Top


Aqua Shorts Large
Battered Hat Large
Black Hood Large
Black Suit Pants Large
Black Suit Top Large
Blue Hood Large
Blue Squad Skirt
Blue Squad Top
Brickland Large
Collector's Cap Large
Flora Shorts Large
Flora Top Large
Green Beanie Large
Hive Crown
Illuminators Hat
Illuminators Torso
Illuminators Pants
Inspector's Hat
Khaki Suit Pants
Khaki Suit Top
Krunkston Four Large
Magic Fox Headdress
Monster Mask
Neon Flint's Cap
Outlaw's Cap
Purple Pants Large
Purple T-Shirt Large
Puzzlehead Large
Ragged Hat Large
Ragged Pants Large
Ragged Top Large
Red Beanie Large
Red Squad Skirt
Red Squad Top
Rich Man's Cap Large
Sandy Shirt Large
Spring Hat Large
Strangemans Mask
The Shirt With The Big Pocket Large
Top Hat Large
Von Jerry's Hat Of Illusion Large

List of Dialogues

  • "Please, have a look at our latest fashions."


  • In a minor addition-based update around the summer of 2018, the Clothing Seller sells the Rich Man's Cap and the Inspector's Hat.
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