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Clamstack Cave is a small, narrow cave that can be found in the Frontier. Clamstack Cave is an indirectly mentioned map area that can be found in the Ancient Forest and is well-known for its abundance of Clamstacks that thrives in the cave passage. It is located near the lower parts of the Ancient Forest and Castle Bridge.

There are no landmarks that can be found in the map area as it is a landmark itself, being a well-known location of the Ancient Forest. Overall, the Clamstack Cave serves little to no importance to most players in the community of Fantastic Frontier, although it is possible to encounter an Otherworld Present while checking the cave.


  • An NPC known as Joker Jenny found near Topple Lake in Topple Town will reference this location by mentioning, somewhat ominously, that a place called Clamstack Cave exists in the Frontier.
  • This is one of the few map areas that do not display a white text on the top of the screen.
  • The Clamstacks that spawns in this particular area takes a while to spawn in, however, a beginner player can earn a decent amount of gold by farming the Clamstacks via server-hopping.
  • It is recommended to have jump-boosting and/or flight equipment while exploring the cave as it is quite narrow and located in a place where it is required to have them.