The Celestial Field is a large area that can be found in the Frontier. The Celestial Field borders The Town of Right and Wrong, A Frontier of Dragons, Celestial Peak, and The Rolling Road. Its coastline is Coral Bay. On the outskirts, there's only 1 Mud Genie that spawns at Celestial during the daytime. On some days, the players will still see Dolls that have not been previously killed during the nighttime. During the nighttime, Celestial Field is infested with Dolls, Dark Ghosts, and Yellowman. The Interdimensional Traveler can spawn here sometimes, usually often in the middle of the abandoned field. It's also noted that Celestial Field is the main area where the Black Tower is located at. The Black Tower is sold at a price of 5,000,000 gold by Realtor Reynold.

Farming Method

The players can harvest Sun Flowers and Moon Flowers to farm gold and is often noted as one of the safer methods of farming gold. It's advised to avoid harvesting these flowers during the nighttime as Dolls patrols the areas. If the players have decent-equipped armors and equipment, they're not forced to follow this advice.

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