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The Celestial Field is a large field that can be found in the Frontier. The Celestial Field is described as a large field that can be seen outside the walls of The Town of Right and Wrong. Celestial Field borders various areas of the Frontier that include:

There is only one particular landmark of importance. It is known as Celestial Field's Tower, a house that can be purchased by the players from Realtor Reynold at a price of 5,000,000 gold. The tower can be used to teleport the players to Topple Town, as well as providing a fishing well that players can fish in.


There are only two birds that can be found in Celestial Field those two being Blackbird and the Forgotten Bird.


There is a decent majority of fish that can be caught in the well within Celestial Field's Tower such as Sand Slime, Bottomdweller, Gelafish, Ocean Platycricket, Stone Slime, Baltimore Worm, and the Oddity.


Celestial Field is an area where an adventurer can find many mobs such as Ancient Gold Knight, Blackrock Wolf, Coral Giant, Dark Ghost, Doll, Esteemed Gumbo, Golden Spore Mole, Green Ghost, Lava Munsk, Lighthouse Spitter, Magma Knight, Mud Genie, Mushroom Head, Otherworldly Dollhunter, Red Croc Man, Red Ogre, Toyblock Spitter, Two-Eyed Monstrosity, Whisperer, and finally the Yellowman


Celestial Field has a few scattered NPCs such as Interdimensional Traveler, Quiet Adventurer, Realtor Reynold, Linkman the Junkman, Vhitmire, and Strangeman.

Overall, Celestial Field, despite its lack of activity, is a place where beginner and mid-game players sometimes visit in order to participate in a popular farming method where they harvest Sun Flowers and Moon Flowers until they are ready for better farming methods. This place is also visited if the player is heading to the sanctuary, killing mobs that spawn in the zone, mine ores, or to search a Forgotten Bird flying about in the fields.


  • The Celestial Field is one of the three places where the music does not change from day to night. The other areas being Frigid Waste (PvP) and The Forgotten Lands.
  • Since Sun Flowers and Moon Flowers both sell for 2,000 gold, it's typically recommended for beginner players to farm here.
  • Before the introduction of the Otherworld Update, the fields in Celestial Field used to be inhabited by Dolls, although it is currently difficult to find Dolls after the events of the Otherworld Update took place.
  • Before the introduction of the Otherworld Update, it was common to see a Mud Genie spawning along the outskirts of Celestial Field at day, although now it's quite rare to see it spawn there.
  • The Black Tower Well has an average reel waiting time of 35 seconds (10 with Captain's Fishing Rod), being one of the highest in the game.