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The category, Hostile Mobs, is a category dedicated and given to any articles that discuss a topic, subject, or an idea classified as a mob that has the capability of attacking the players, regardless of the creature being provoked by the players or not. 

There are at least 124 neutral/hostile mobs recorded on the Bestiary as of October 6, 2018, either being unique on its own or variations of pre-existing mobs. Variations will specifically refer to mobs that are too similar to their normal counterparts, preventing them from having its own exclusive spot in an article.

Variations include:

  1. Singular
    • Antland King (1 variant: Corrupted)
    • Forest Walker (1 variant: Large)
    • Ghost Ant (1 variant: Large)
    • Green Pirate (1 variant: Matumada)
    • Primeval Genie (1 variant: Corrupted)
    • Spore Mole (1 variant: Hostile)
    • Walker (1 variant: Large)
  2. Double
    • Guardian Snibber (2 variants: Brown, Green)
    • Moose Punk (2 variants: Golden, Silver)
    • Red Ogre (2 variants: General, Strategist)
    • Thinker (2 variants: Red, Yellow)

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