The Carrot Juice is one of the many consumables that can be acquired in the Frontier. It can be purchased from Fronand Frobeet'zo in Farm Fortress at a price of 500 gold, or from Stick, an NPC that sells the item with various prices that changes each day in-game. Since the arrival of the Ratboy's Nightmare Update, it can be obtained as a possible serving from The Deli's waits.

In appearance, the Carrot Juice is an orange liquid substance that is contained in a glass container, sealed with a black lid. Several thin-sliced carrots can be seen floating and/or sinking in the container of carrot juice.

The Carrot Juice can be consumed by the players, restoring 25 HP back to the players' health pools. Other than that, the Carrot Juice doesn't have a relevant purpose in-game as of the 1.10 (Fishing) Update.


  • It is the only consumable sold from Fronand Frobeet'zo that cannot be dropped from a mob of some sorts. (Otherworld Update)
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