The Carrot Gnome is one of the many inhabitants of the sanctuary, Topple Town. The Carrot Gnome can be found in a narrow passageway behind several buildings of the town square and shopping district, particularly the red building where Big Box can be found at and the Clothing Boutique.

Once the player finds the Carrot Gnome, they will be able to see that the Carrot Gnome is surrounded by a patch of abandoned healthy-looking carrots around the NPC, as well as a small cabbage patch behind the gnome and the carrots.

List of Dialogues

  • "Knock once. I'm a gnome. Knock twice. I'm a living carrot!"


  • As his title implies, the Carrot Gnome is a gnome that 'wants to become one with the carrots.'
  • The Carrot Gnome does not play an essential role in the Frontier and mainly serve as a fun easter egg that players can find.
  • If the players manage to spazz into the terrain under Topple Town, it is possible for them to see the rest of the gnome's body, revealing a green shirt, brown pants, and brown shoes.
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