Captain Finnegan is the only NPC that provides transportation service for players to travel to different sanctuaries. If the players interact with Finnegan, they are given three options to travel to depending on where they are located at -- Topple Town, The Town of Right and Wrong, and Blue Ogre Camp.

Analyzing Captain Finnegan's name, the name Finnegan is often associated to the meaning of "little fair one" and derived from the anglicized version of Ó Fionnagán. Captain Finnegan's prices to travel through sanctuaries seems to be a fair amount of gold to travel, which may be why Finnegan was inputted into his name. Captain comes from the fact that Captain Finnegan is in command of sailing his airship.

List of Dialogues

  • "Need to get somewhere? I can take you."
    1. (Topple Town/The Town of Right and Wrong/Blue Ogre Camp) -5,000 gold
    2. (Topple Town, The Town of Right and Wrong, Blue Ogre Camp) -5,000 gold
    3. "What is this?"
      • "Why this is the only flyin' ship in all the lands. I can take you to other docks around the world, for a price. What do ya say? You hopping on?"

No Gold, No Service

  • "Sorry, but you don't have enough gold to cover the flight expenses, I can't take ya."


  • It is noted that the players travel on his airship, however, there are no cutscenes that show the players sailing through the Frontier on the airship.
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